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Bogus attacks on Paul Ryan provide disturbing window into liberal groupthink

Commentary’s Peter Wehner provides a thought-provoking must-read/call to arms against the bogus and despicable attacks Rep. Paul Ryan and others like him trying to tackle the poverty issue routinely receive from Democrat movers and shakers who would rather demagogue the issue for political gain than work together towards resolving it (hat tip):.....   [Read More]

Romney in West Chester, OH: Vote for love of country, not “revenge”

I watched this rally on C-SPAN last night and it was pretty danged epic, with a GOP all-star supporting cast and tons of people. Romney’s biggest crowd to date. The article says 30,000, other reports say between 15,000 and 18,000 per local law enforcement and the Secret Service. However, I read multiple sources say the overflow area couldn’t even hold all the “overflow” crowd” so I’d guess the numbers go even higher than the 18,000. .....   [Read More]

#VPDebate: Biden should apologize for laughing especially during Ryan’s abortion answer (UPDATED)

Bombastic Joe outdid himself last night. Not only did he come across as rude, hostile, huffy, arrogant and obnoxious, but his repeated laughter and throwing his hands up in the air during last night’s debate (transcript) with Paul Ryan was undignified for the office of the vice presidency, and he and the Obama campaign should be ashamed – not celebrating – last night’s performance.  But coming off the heels of Obama’s lackluster, “professorial” debate performance against Mitt Romney last week, the Obama campaign – and the MSM – are delighted because Joe didn’t make any noticeable “gaffes”, even though he told a LOT of lies. So to them, that’s a “win” and they’re going to run with it......   [Read More]