Friday Fun: #MSDNC’s @Lawrence O’Donnell challenges Tagg Romney to a fight

Real Clear Politics has the video at this link. Here’s their brief transcript:

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell challenged Mitt Romney’s son Tagg to a fight on his program tonight after Romney’s eldest said he wanted to swing at President Obama after the last debate where said he called his father a liar.

“Take a swing at me, and don’t worry, there won’t be any Secret Service involved. Just us. And I’ll make it easy for you. I’ll come to you anytime, anywhere. Go ahead Taggert, take your best shot,” O’Donnell said during a tense segment on his program tonight.

LOL! PLEASE make sure you watch the video clip. Probably one of the most unintentionally funny things you’ll see this year. The Twitter responses to him making a threat from the safe confines of the MSDNC compound had me literally laughing out loud for a good bit of the night last night.

This thing practically begs for a Saturday Night Live segment.

On a more slightly serious note, the symbolism here should not go unnoted: O’Donnell is (on the surface, anyway) putting himself in harm’s way for his beloved hero President, proving that there are no lengths the crew at MSDNC won’t go through in order to try and protect and shield their beloved Dear Leader … even from imaginary “threats” that exist only in their tiny little minds.

If you’re on Twitter, make sure to let him know what you think … politely, of course. ;)

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