Debate Round 3: Romney and Obama set to face off in Boca Raton

Ready to rumbleDunno about y’all, but I’m more than glad that tonight is the final Presidential debate of this campaign season. I stopped watching Obama speeches and pressers in their entirety long ago because I just couldn’t stand to sit through hearing and watching his unchallenged lies in real time (let alone as they are reported the next day), and sitting through the debates watching him be so effortlessly dishonest not just about his own record but Romney’s as well has been almost too much to take.  Fortunately, Romney hasn’t allowed him to get away with the “untruths” most of the time (at least outside of the times where the moderator has blatantly become a participant – and played favorites).  But still, hearing Obama’s voice alone is like nails on a chalkboard to me.  Low tolerance for it and all that.

Anyway, tonight’s debate will focus exclusively on foreign policy.  Yours truly and many others, including readers here, have made the point that Mitt Romney needs to hammer Obama on the Benghazi matter extensively and successfully – something he attempted to do in debate two but failed to thanks, in no small part, to CNN “journalist” Candy Crowley’s interference on behalf of He Whose Pillow Should Be Plumped.   Another very serious matter that needs to be addressed is the recent report on rumors of one on one “negotiations” with Iran over its nuclear ambitions “after the elections.” Candidate Obama promised as the nominee for President that he would consider one on one talks with some of the world’s most notorious despots, which he was widely called out for, and so far those types of talks have materialized.

But the prospect of them happening at all – especially so soon after the elections, has understandably raised the concerns of many, when you consider that he could do significant damage to the incoming foreign policy initiatives of a Romney administration should the President lose, and when you consider that if Obama is re-elected that he’ll be a lame duck President, which means he won’t have to answer to anyone – especially the voters and Congress (something he has admitted he knows). To say this President has been a disaster on the issue of foreign policy (outside of the issue of giving the order to kill OBL, which any President/CIC would have done) is putting it charitably, and Romney needs to slam that point home time after time to viewers.

The debate starts at 9 ET. As always, you can watch on C-SPAN’s website if you can’t get to a TV. I’ll be Tweeting about it as well, and you can also follow the debate along with other Twitter users and readers by bookmarking and refreshing the #lynndebate hashtag.

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