QOTD: In response to Jamie Foxx’s “Our Lord and Savior Obama” comments

So this was said:

There are some consequences to cultivating a creepy cult of personality in order to win elections. For example, there’s always the danger of your more… energetic supporters going overboard in their worship of Dear Leader.

Such was the case at the Soul Train Awards last Sunday, when actor Jamie Foxx declared, “It’s like church over here! First of all, give an honor to God and our Lord and Savior, Barack Obama.” He then led the audience in chanting the President’s name.

Watch the video at that same link.

Best response? On Twitter today from conservative black preacher Demetrius Minor (@dminor85):

Question for @iamjamiefoxx: If Obama is our “Lord and Savior”, why did Democrats boo him at their convention?

We might have to endure the “Obama is the messiah” garbage for another four years, but fortunately that doesn’t mean we have to ignore it and overlook it. It needs to be called out and made fun of as loudly and as often as the stupid comparisons happen. The bizarro cult of personality that comes along with many of our celebrity President’s most militant followers needs to continue to be exposed for what it is: emotion-based, fact-free, mindless devotion – devoid of any logic or reason whatsoever.

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