#NewTone: Supporters use #Trayvon’s birthday to call for the death of G. Zimmerman

Twitchy.com documented jack asses crawling out of the woodwork today to wish Trayvon Martin a happy birthday, and a few of those quoted at their site couldn’t resist the temptation to call for George Zimmerman’s death:

The shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman took place on the night of February 26, 2012, in Sanford, Florida. A judge and jury have yet to find Zimmerman guilty of a crime; nonetheless, many Twitter users believe Zimmerman is a ruthless killer. Today would have been Martin’s 18th birthday, and Twitter’s anti-Zimmerman forces let the hate flow.

A sampling of some of the tweets:

Here’s another not posted at Twitchy:

And a friendly note to Zimmerman supporters from late last week:

Also, it seems one of the primary hashtags to use for these “peaceful” supporters is #F*ckZimmerman (without the “*”, of course). Stay classy, and all that.

Here’s a tip for those of you who don’t wade onto social media much: This type of garbage is CONSTANT from Trayvon Martin supporters on both Twitter and Facebook. If you haven’t fallen for the MSM narrative on this case, you’re a racist, you support slavery, and you deserve to die as “Zimmerman does.” It’s the dirty little secret that race-baiting MSM types both in straight journalism and opinion journalism don’t want to tell you about. The violence and death threats to Zimmerman and anyone who supports him, and the despicable and vile things said to anyone who tries to lay out the actual facts of the case as we know them is sickening and is, unfortunately, emblematic of deeply troubling “street culture” that condones and emboldens this type of unacceptable behavior. But self-important leftists like Jonathan Capehart at the Washington Post only want too focus on the few people who have either expressed racism about Trayvon Martin or who have used Trayvon Martin’s death to post deliberately provocative racially-tinged Tweets to draw attention to themselves. Honestly, if I had about a week to document every disgusting thing said by a Trayvon Martin supporter on social media sites it would fill up two or three encyclopedia-sized books. I kid you not. It’s very real, and it’s extremely disturbing, especially when you consider that a lot of those expressing themselves in such a verbally violent manner or teens and twenty-somethings. Sign of the times?

Capehart and other left-wing concern trolls can whine all they want about the “rabid hate” aimed at Trayvon Martin supporters, but until they speak out at the much more prominent and noticeable hate coming from the lynch mob types calling for Zimmerman’s death (and the death/beating of Zimmerman’s defenders) before the trial has even started, they’ll earn credibility on this issue from me on about the 12th of never.

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