Heartwarming: Patriotic Asheboro middle school students give injured veteran a gift he’ll never forget

GRAB the Kleenex! Via MyFox8:

ASHEBORO, NC — Students at North Asheboro Middle School have raised more than $2,000 dollars for Josh Craven, an Iraq War veteran who lost his left leg to an explosion in August of 2010.

Craven’s right leg is intact, but paralyzed below the knee.

Because his ability to run is severely limited, Craven got into hand biking.

He uses a three-wheeled cycle operated by his hands to compete in marathons and other events.

Up until Thursday, Craven had been borrowing his hand bike from a charity. Now, with this money, it’s all his.

Eight grader Sabrina Perez led the fundraising efforts, calling churches and community members and telling Craven’s story.

“He went to war for us so we wanted to care for him just like he cares for us,” Perez, 14, said.

Craven and his wife Holly are thankful.

The video of the story is even better as you can clearly see the love the kids have for Craven. Make sure you watch it.

Even better still? The young Ms. Perez who was interviewed for the story said she was inspired so much by Craven that she wants to join the military herself when she grew up.

It’s a mad, crazy world out there, but sometimes people – even our young folks – manage to get it right. This is most definitely one of those times. :) **==

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