Feminist #FAIL: While CDC reports “morning after pill” use has nearly tripled, MSM spins

On top of the “severe STD epidemic” I wrote about yesterday that the CDC reported comes this devastating news for vagina-obsessed  “feminists” – bolded emphasis added by me:

About 1-in-9 younger women have used the morning-after pill after sex, according to the first government report to focus on emergency contraception since its approval 15 years ago.

The results come from a survey of females ages 15-to-44. Eleven percent of those who’d had sex reported using a morning-after pill. That’s up from 4 percent in 2002, only a few years after the pills went on the market and adults still needed a prescription. 

The increased popularity is probably because it is easier to get now and because of media coverage of controversial efforts to lift the age limit for over-the-counter sales, experts said. A prescription is still required for those younger than 17, so it is still sold from behind pharmacy counters.

In the study, half the women who used the pills said they did it because they’d had unprotected sex. Most of the rest cited a broken condom or worries that the birth control method they used had failed.

 White women and more educated women use it the most, the research showed. That’s not surprising, said James Trussell, a Princeton University researcher who’s studied the subject.

“I don’t think you can go to college in the United States and not know about emergency contraception,” said Trussell, who has promoted its use and started a hotline.


The results of the study were released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s based on in-person interviews of more than 12,000 women in 2006 through 2010. It was the agency’s first in-depth report on that issue, said Kimberly Daniels, the study’s lead author.

The study also found:

  • Among different age groups, women in their early 20s were more likely to have taken a morning-after pill. About 1-in-4 did.
  • About 1-in-5 never-married women had taken a morning-after pill, compared to just 1-in-20 married women.
  • Of the women who used the pill, 59 percent said they had done it only once, 24 percent said twice, and 17 percent said three or more times.


Also on Thursday, the CDC released a report on overall contraception use. Among its many findings, 99 percent of women who’ve had sex used some sort of birth control. That includes 82 percent who used birth control pills and 93 percent whose partner had used a condom.

Wow, isn’t this amazing? It blows a number of feminist-force-fed “facts” out of the water:

1)  That many sexually active women are poor and thus are not “well-educated” enough to know about the dangers of unprotected sex.  If that was the case, then we wouldn’t see this staggering NINETY-NINE PERCENT sexually active women using birth control rate the CDC reports.

2) Ditto that in terms of the “access to BC” issue. WHAT access issue?  99% of sexually active women have used BC and know how to get it. There is no serious “access” issue except to “activists” who believe free condoms and birth control pills should be readily available along with your food purchase at the Taco Bell drive-thru.

3) In spite of being white and college-educated, many sexually active women CHOOSE to have unprotected sex – as opposed to the black women in poor neighborhoods who “feminists” say are most “at risk” for being ignorant as to what measures they need to take to avoid pregnancy and/or disease.

4) 41% of women who have  used this pill have used it AT LEAST TWICE, meaning in most cases they’ve chosen on more than one occasion to have unprotected sex.

“Feminists” will point to this study and suggest that it means we’ve “still got a lot of work to do educating women” but that’s bull sh*t.  The majority of women who are taking the morning after pill are EDUCATED women – according to the CDC’s own research.  This suggests a WILLINGNESS to be irresponsible because they know there is a “back up” plan in place in the event they’re not.  This is one of the many issues opponents of the morning after pill had with the it the first place.

Photo courtesy of Kurt Rogers/SF ChronicleOf course, there is an even worse, more devastatingly final “back up plan”:  abortion – which happens over a million times a year, and in the vast  majority of those instances, it is a matter of convenience, not the health of the mother or baby, not rape, not incest.  In other words, pure irresponsibility and selfishness – at the expense of the unborn.

What does it say about our society that, in spite of all the available information out there – and there is A LOT – EDUCATED women still CHOOSE to have irresponsible, unprotected sex, still choose to use abortion as a top “back-up” plan alongside the morning after pill. How is ANY of this “empowering” to women?

Don’t expect any honest answers from NOW/NARAL/Planned Parenthood types – nor their allies in the mainstream press.  As we see from the USA Today’s write-up, the issue here is not that an alarmingly growing number of women are knowingly having unprotected sex and using Plan B as their birth control method, but that there are supposedly …. access issues involved. We know this because the only experts they apparently were able to find on this issue were three  pro-“emergency contraception” medical professionals (again, bolded emphasis added by me):

The FDA approved emergency contraceptive pills in 1998 for use up to five days after intercourse. But experts say there are plenty of obstacles to widespread use.

“There’s not a whole lot of information out there about it,” says Beth Jordan Mynett, medical director of the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, based in Washington, D.C. “There are price issues and access issues and they are not insubstantial. It’s not universally stocked and available.”


The fact that half of the women used emergency contraception because they worried their contraceptive didn’t work suggests that “women are concerned they don’t have access to highly effective, long-acting methods,” says Deborah Nucatola of Los Angeles, an OB-GYN in clinical practice and senior director of medical services at Planned Parenthood.

But use of IUDs and implants is growing, and it will reduce concern about contraceptive failure, she says. “Women using IUDs and implants don’t have to remember to do anything. Women using the pill, patch or ring have to remember to do something every day, every week or every month,” she says.

THE HORROR OF HAVING TO REMEMBER TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM PREGNANCY.  How DARE women be inconvenienced with important details like that??  And this: ” “women are concerned they don’t have access to highly effective, long-acting methods” is flat out absurd.   These women who “are concerned they don’t have access” to “highly effective” birth control certainly don’t have any trouble getting their hands on emergency contraception, do they? In spite of the “access issues” and all…

And their third “expert:

Claire Brindis, director of the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health at the University of California, San Francisco, says the report points out women’s need for different contraceptive alternatives over the years.

“The fact that women may need to use four or five or six different methods in their lives … points to me to the importance of having many contraceptive options available for women,” she says.

Did the “experts” even READ the CDC’s report?  Probably not, since most “feminists” and their champions in the medical field are pro-choice/pro-“sexual freedom.”  The “access” issue is practically non-existent.   Not only that, but even if there really was an “access” issue for the morning after pill, that would mean more women using it, not less, which would be even more problematic. Remember, this pill has only been widely available since the early 2000s, and as its availability has increased so has its usage.  This is not an issue to the folks at USA Today, though.

Meanwhile, at Reuters, they insinuate that hey – you shouldn’t worry that the number of sexually active women using the morning after pill has nearly tripled.  Why?  Word games:

More U.S. women are taking the “morning-after” pill, but generally just once, according to the government’s first report on how the emergency contraception drug has been used since regulators eased access to it in 2006.

Code Pink“Generally just once”? Um, no.  As the stats I cited above indicate, 59% of women did say they used it only once, but 24% said they had used it twice and 17% say they used it three times or more, meaning 41% used it at least twice.  Reuters waits until paragraph three to point out the two times or more stats, but they made sure not to combine them because that would make educated women look much more irresponsible than they already do as a result of this comprehensive study.

Also, think about this: The vast majority of the women in this study who used the morning after pill were younger women – starting at age 15, yet pill advocates argue that teens should have “unrestricted access” to it?  Astonishing.

Moral of the story?  Never listen to a hard-left liberal female on any issue, especially as it relates to sex, birth control, pregnancy, and abortion.  As history has shown us, their stats almost never hold up to scrutiny, once tested. Militant feminists are hurting, not helping, the women of America, and this has got to stop.

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