Venezuela’s oppressive socialist dictator Hugo #Chavez dies, MSM swoons

I went on a rant about this on Twitter earlier this evening – and Storified it and some of the responses I received for your viewing/reading pleasure (or displeasure). NBC, CNN, Reuters, and especially the Associated Press couldn’t help but mention how Chavez supposedly did “so much for the poor”, even though a couple of them, to their credit, did mention his political oppression and the escalating murder rate in passing …

Oh, and did I note there was ZERO mention (as of this writing) in any Chavez obit I read this evening of his support/funding for FARC terrorists? Then again, I guess I shouldn’t have to. This is the socialism-adoring mainstream press we’re talking about here, after all. But it should be pointed out, just for the record.

As I asked in one of my tweets, after reading the sugar-coated Chavez obits, is there any wonder why people here in the states are so often misinformed & clueless? I weep.

Update – 7:24 PM: Here’s much more on the MSM/Chavez lovefest, via Twitchy Team.

And there’s this: DISGUSTING: Bronx Congressman Serrano [D] Mourns Hugo Chavez


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