#NewTone Alert: Hate mail of the day, feminism edition :-)

Well, it’s not actually an email but an attempted comment from earlier this afternoon. In response to my post on how fascistic feminist mob rule prevented Texas SB5 pro-life bill from passing a couple of nights ago, someone apparently thinks I’m a — slave to the patriarchy (shocking!). Well, that’s the cleaned up version anyway. The unedited version appears below. Language warning.

Name: Notyour Business
Email: gofuckyourself@yahoo.com
Submitted on 2013/06/27 at 4:10 pm

Wow! You’re a CUNT!

Go crawl back into that man’s nut-sack that you must be living in, because you are obviously an ill informed twat!

Aww. Someone apparently didn’t get the memo from President Obama that we were supposed to act in a more civil manner towards each other in the interests of keeping things from escalating to violence …

Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for “NYB”, I’m not easily intimidated. I’ll be writing more about Texas’ SB5 bill and the aftermath later tonight. ;)

Code Pinko
”We don’t need no stinkin’ brains!”

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