From the Email Stack: You can’t be a truuuue conservative if you support #SB5!

Reader “Adam” gives me the third degree via email over my support of Texas’ pro-life bill SB5:

While I understand that you may find the idea and morality of abortion to be abominable, it is constitutionally protected under the ruling of the Roe v Wade Supreme Court case. The bill that was under voting while supposedly in the support of stricter health guidelines for abortion clinics in Texas, are needlessly binding them with more red tape.

The provisions of the bill would cause a dramatic rise in the cost of running these clinics and shut down the majority of them. This would mean that the second most populous state in the Union would have close to the lowest number of abortion clinics in the nation. This would infringe on the rights of women desiring to obtain an abortion, just as poll taxes and literacy tests reduced the ability of non-whites to exercise their right to vote in the time prior to the 1950-1970 civil rights movements.

Despite the fact that you claim to be a conservative which in itself advocates reduced government involvement in the private affairs of citizens, you advocate a bill that directly interfeeres with and blocks the rights of those citizens.

tl;dr: You are not a conservative and you’re infringing on rights

This is what happens when ignorant people view everything through the “sides” prism. Some issues by their very nature aren’t left or right as much as they are “right vs wrong” and in this particular instance, abortion is WRONG .. especially at the 20 week mark when so much fetal development has already taken place.

Here’s a tip, Adam: If my position made me a “liberal”, I wouldn’t care. I will always stand for innocent unborn life. FULL STOP.  But here’s the thing: defending unborn life should not be a “conservative or liberal” issue.  It’s a moral issue – about the humanity and dignity of the greatest gift any of us will ever know: the gift of life, whether one believes it’s God-given or otherwise.   We have moral obligation to protect and defend those who cannot protect themselves, to allow for them the same opportunities we’ve been able to enjoy as a result of being born in the greatest country in the world.

I will never, ever apologize for that, no matter which side of the political spectrum someone else thinks my position puts me under.  And I could not care less if that still makes people like Adam unhappy.  But I’m glad he wrote anyway, which gave me the opportunity to clarify.


Just so we’re clear.

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