#SB353: #ProChoice NC Dems Get Hit w/ a Double-Whammy on ‘Turrible’ Thursday

Vagina cape
Yes, that’s a 3D vagina cape. Worn into the NCGA gallery during Thursday’s festivities.
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“That’s turrible!” -Charles Barkley

Indeed, Thursday was a “turrible” day for pro-choice Democrats nationwide, and among those hardest hit were activist female (and male) “feminists” here North Carolina.  Senate Bill 353 – dubbed the “Motorcyle Vagina” bill by local abortion advocates because it’s a pro-life bill attached to proposed motorcycle safety legislation – passed the House 74-41 after several hours of debate which saw much hand-wringing and blatant pandering by the minority to the ladies in pink who stood defiantly in attendance,  Tweeting feverishly to demand a halt to the “anti-choice madness.” PANIC!  “We’re being transported back to the 1800s!” was the general tone on social media sites (apparently forgetting the shameful state history of her party), with little bits of “keep your religion out of my uterus!” blather thrown in for good measure. Humorous rhetoric, when you think about how some of these same people allow the opportunistic racist Rev. William Barber to speak for them at “diverse” (cough!) Moral Mondays protests.  “Keep your religion to yourself!” they yell.  “Except when it’s coming from our guy,” they then whisper.  Yeah, we know, feministas. Your hypocrisy is legendary, and has accumulated thousands of frequent flier miles.

In reality, SB353 has nothing to do with  “choice” but rather seeks to make abortion clinics around the state safer, especially in light of the Gosnell horrors in Pennsylvania and the emerging allegations out of Texas on a Gosnell-like “Doctor” by the name of Douglas Karpen.  It  also includes conscience protections for medical professionals,  outlaws sex-selective abortion – a practice that has has killed millions of unborn girls in countries like China and India, bans webcam abortions, eliminates abortion coverage for any plan offered through a health insurance exchange except with rape/incest/life of the mother exceptions, and limits similar coverage offered through local governments.

The initial version of this bill – HB695 – included a requirement that all abortion clinics in North Carolina meet the higher safety standards of ambulatory surgical centers, but this idea – and “procedural concerns” – so enraged Raleigh-area leftists who any other time would be demanding that we spare no time nor expense when it comes to the “health of women” that our GOP Governor Pat McCrory, seemingly striving to seek a middle ground on the issue, threatened a veto unless “significant changes” were made.  So that language was taken out and the revised version was added onto the motorcycle safety bill in omnibus version.  As is so often the case, however, making conciliatory gestures to the hardcore left never works and that happened here, with staunch pro-abortionists adamantly calling for McCrory to veto the bill.  Not only did it fail to please the Democrat base, but – unsurprisingly – the Raleigh News and Observer’s Craig Jarvis insinuated the surgical center standard requirement had NOT been taken out of the bill in an opening sentence to his article on the House passage of it that sounded straight like it was ripped from the pages of the pro-choice handbook (bolded emphasis added by me):

A strategy that has been used to close abortion clinics in other states by imposing new regulations on them was approved in a contentious bill in the state House on Wednesday.

The so-called “close the clinics” pro-life strategy he’s talking about? Requiring abortion clinics to meet the ambulatory surgery center safety standards requirement which, as I noted above, is no longer in the bill.  Opponents of this legislation and similar legislation in Texas have argued that the cost of  the new standards would be too much for the clinics to bear. The Texas bill under consideration this week and passed by their House still has this requirement, but the proposed version here in NC does not. But why let the facts get in the way of subjective reporting, Triangle media-style?

On top of all the “bad news” on SB353 came the report today from the liberal mega-news outlet the Huffington Post that a poll they conducted – which you would expect to be skewed to the left –  found that 59% of the American people believed abortions should be banned after the 20 week mark. This is great news for the unborn but awful news for abortion true believers who want you to ignore the stages of fetal development and the grotesque fetal mutilation that happens during an abortion, particularly in the second trimester.  This is fascinating when you think about it, considering “Wonder Woman” Texas state senator Wendy Davis and  her admirers there and here in North Carolina want you to believe you’re “out of the mainstream” in America if you think abortions should be banned after 20 weeks.    Ms. Davis should tuck that phony talking point into her rouge (blood) red tennis shoes right before they get immortalized in the pro-choice hall of fame.

Anyway, back to SB353: It now heads to the NC Senate for debate, and assuming it passes there, it will await the Governor’s consideration.  Will he sign it? Will he not sign it and let it pass anyway? Or will he veto it? State Democrats have boxed McCrory into a corner via a promise he made to not impose new “restrictions” on abortion in NC, but he has said recently that safety standards are not the same as restrictions, so we shall see.  If he does veto it, it won’t matter because the NCGA has a veto-proof majority, which could be very embarrassing for the Governor in light of the unwarranted national fauxtrage this bill has generated.

Stay tuned!

(Also posted at The Tarheel Report. Note: This post is an expansion of one I wrote last night, and includes similar language.)

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