From the Hate Mail Stack: ‘Empowerment’ via the c-word!

“paleopold91” slobbers (language warning!):

your a fucking crazy bitch

your insane, do some research you crazy right wing cunt, you are too stupid to realize that your ”side” is ultimately oppressing you as a woman. The sexual revolution was a rebellion to the uptight christian moralizing state of typical US family at the time, and besides whos to say that promiscuity is wrong, just because it conflicts with your morals doesn’t mean theres anything wrong with it. I hope you are perpetually oppressed for being a woman, realize your place within your southern christian patriarchy, eventually have an emotional break down, kill a few people and go to prison for the rest of your life. have a shitty day in the nasty, humid, hot stench that is the south. Oh and don’t let those n*ggers get ya!

I inserted the * in the n-word, btw.

Got this around 5:30 this morning. Unhinged liberal rage clearly never rests…



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