#NCGA state Sen. Kinnaird [D] resigns to focus on #VoterID assistance


RALEIGH, N.C. — Sen. Ellie Kinnaird, a nine-term Democrat who represents Orange and Chatham counties in the legislature, resigned her post Monday.

Kinnaird, 81, is one of only 17 Democrats in the 50-member state Senate. With the House and governor’s mansion also controlled by Republicans, any Democrat’s ability to stop or influence legislation, particularly controversial measures, is limited.

One of the state’s most liberal lawmakers, the Chapel Hill attorney thanked her constituents for the honor of representing them in Raleigh, but described the last three years under Republican leadership as a “great disappointment.”

“To see my 17 years of work really dismantled – my environmental work, my death penalty work, my justice and public safety work,” she said, “that’s heartbreaking.”

“While I’ve done good things, I can’t do it anymore under these circumstances. So better to let someone who can maybe start again,” Kinnaird told WRAL.

In her news release, Kinnaird said her “energy and time is best spent to help get Democrats elected statewide and restore our standing as a progressive beacon of light in the Southeast. I am also working on a grassroots effort to assure that people have a voter ID and are registered to vote.”

An elections law passed this summer will require all residents to have photo identification when they go to the polls, starting in 2016. It also makes a number of other elections changes, including banning out-of-precinct voting, straight-ticket voting, and same-day registration.

“This is a very serious suppression of voting, and I want to make sure that we get as many people prepared to vote, registered to vote, and informed, so that they can actually have a vote that counts,” Kinnaird said.

Kinnaird told WRAL she plans to work with churches and community groups to reach out to people who might lack the required ID. She said that project would be especially challenging for students on college campuses, who may have trouble gathering the needed documents and reaching a Division of Motor Vehicles location to obtain the needed ID.

I’m sure many elected Democrats in the general assembly in Raleigh feel as Sen. Kinnaird does – this is what happens when a state party has had power for so long and then loses it.  Democrats effectively controlled and dominated this state for well over a century and now that they don’t, their frustration is on an epic level and many – both in AND out of government – have resorted to some of the cheapest, lowest, dirtiest tactics in order to try and gain power, and they’ve done it chiefly by trying to manipulate by way of outright misinformation and lies the very voters they’ve been manipulating for decades now: so-called “minorities.”

They’re telling women voters that the state GOP is “waging a war on your vagina!!” simply because they pushed for and enacted a law that will make state abortion clinics safer for women.  They’re telling black voters the state GOP wants to go back to the “era of Jim Crow” and “suppress your vote” by having the same or similar type of voter ID requirements that over 30 states have, including deep blue states like New York.  They’re telling public school teachers that the state GOP doesn’t care about the state of education here in North Carolina, even though our educational system here has hardly been something to write home about over the last several decades as a result of the “leadership” of the left.  In fact, elected Republicans in the state legislature increased funding for public education this year, and also INCREASED the chances of North Carolinians having more CHOICES when it comes to education – in other words, giving them more options to choose PRIVATE education instead of public. HOW HORRIFYING! You’d think the left would be “pro-choice” on this matter, considering they are “pro-choice” on other issues, but …

In any event, back to Sen. Kinnaird, she was well-respected in the Senate but was staunchly pro-choice, so I’m sure if unborn babies could speak they’d probably be saying, “don’t  let the door hit ya!”  Regarding her promised upcoming work to help those who need it obtain their voter ID in time for the 2016 elections (when the “photo ID” part of the new voter ID law here takes effect)  more power to  her. As I said earlier today on Twitter, any Democrat who is truly SINCERE about the voter ID issue would step up as she has and work towards making sure those who don’t have a valid ID have all the information at hand they need to obtain one.  However, most people only want to complain and whine about something they don’t understand, while others are allowing themselves to be used even though their story doesn’t really fit the narrative the militant left here in NC is trying to push on the issue of voter ID.

Furthermore, as many have pointed out, since the left is so concerned about the “hundreds of thousands” whose votes are supposedly going to be “suppressed” due to voter ID legislation, they have more than enough time to identify them and help them in whatever way they can to obtain the required information needed to get a valid voter ID.  I urge them to join Sen. Kinnaird and do something I don’t think they’ve ever done -and that’s actually HELP a Democrat in this state for once.   You see, state Democrats have a lot to atone for here – including their reprehensible eugenics program that went on here for decades against “undesirables” (mostly black people – Planned Parenthood founder/”feminist” icon Margaret Sanger would have been proud), and their decades-old efforts at violently suppressing the black vote, in which southern Democrats in other states also engaged. When they supposedly moved on from that, they moved to “buying” the votes of the citizens of this state, and not just “minorities.”  And it’s been going on ever since.

Anyway, best of luck to Ms. Kinnaird as she works to help inform the voters of this state of their options and requirements under the new voter ID law.  Let’s just hope she (and those who join her) are more honest about it outside of government than she was as an elected official.

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