Dum Dum Alert: Jay Carney says he’d enroll in #Obamacare if he wasn’t already insured

LOLOL. Priceless:

ED HENRY, FOX NEWS: You’re talking about enrollment. Will Jay Carney enroll in this? Will the White House enroll in Obamacare?

JAY CARNEY: Again, everybody — you, if you have —

HENRY: Let’s start with you.

CARNEY: If I, in a future life don’t have employer provided —

HENRY: Great.

CARNEY: Ed — does everybody here agree that we can ask questions and answer them, if you want — you’re not even letting me answer the question.

HENRY: Go ahead and answer it.

CARNEY: I’m not quite sure what you’re

HENRY: Would you enroll?

CARNEY: Absolutely.

HENRY: It’s a simply question.

CARNEY: Absolutely.

HENRY: So you are going to enroll?

CARNEY: Ed, if I did not have employer provided health insurance, like I’m sure you do, unless there’s something about FOX that I don’t know, then I would absolutely enroll. And it would be more affordable because of it and I think you’ll see that around the country. But the whole purpose, again, the facts often either ignored or mischaracterized by critics, is that if you have insurance provided by your employer, that you like, nothing changes for you.

Here’s the video:

1) I suspect Mr. Carney is one of those Washington, DC senior staffers who will get the benefit of a partial exemption to Obamacare that members of Congress and their staffs are getting. 2) Carney, as a paid shill for this dishonest administration, is still continuing to tell lies about the negative impact of Obamacare on employer-based health insurance.  I wonder: Does Carney get a bonus every time he lies his way out of answering a straight question?  If so, they should stop, because he’s not very good at it.

The whitewashing
The thrill is gone.

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