Harry Reid is lecturing other Senators on civility? Really?

We’ll file this one under the “Roll Your Eyes” department. Via Fox News:

The Democratic honcho who spent the last several days ridiculing House Speaker John Boehner as a pawn of the Tea Party gave his own chamber a lecture on civility Friday.

Senate Majority Harry Reid, in an unusual aside in the midst of a tense debate over the budget impasse, took to the floor to remind lawmakers about the rules of decorum. Guidance like: Senators should not address each other by their first names, they should address each other in the third person … and so on.

“We all have to understand that these rules create a little bit of distance so senators are more likely to debate ideas and less likely to talk about personalities,” Reid said. “And if we do that, we maintain a more civil decorum as a result. So I bring this matter to the attention of senators because we’ve fallen out of this habit. It’s gotten worse the last month or so.”

The reminder comes after Reid spent Thursday taunting Boehner as a coward who is singlehandedly keeping the partial government shutdown in force.

“We can’t perform the most basic functions of government because (Boehner) doesn’t have the courage to stand up to that small band of anarchists,” Reid said, arguing that Boehner could lift the government freeze by putting a spending bill on the floor and letting mostly Democrats pass it.

Unreal. Reid is one of the dirtiest players in the book when it comes to playing hardball and turning ideological disagreements into personal attacks on the opposition, yet he’s lecturing others on “civility”? Β Wowsers.

For those of you new to paying close attention to how politics works, allow me to explain: What Reid is doing here is exactly what Barack Obama did in the aftermath of the attempted assassination of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords: Calling for civil debate, a “new tone” in the public discourse which, for Democrats, translates into: Republicans need to shut up and let Democrats do all the talking. Don’t be fooled by either of these hypocritical blowhards.

Harry Reid
Senator Reid should practice what he preaches.

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