QOTD: Liberal activist equates supporting #Obamacare to being a ‘true Christian’

‘Nuff said.

More from the “Stuck on Stupid” files:

When Beyoncé performs at Washington’s Verizon Center on Wednesday night, she’ll encounter a small protest outside urging her to use her performance as a way to encourage young people to sign up for Obamacare.

Rocky Twyman is a local activist known for putting on timely and catchy — albeit sparsely attended — “citizen pickets” around town and is organizing one to send a message to the music superstar.

“Superstar Beyoncé raised millions for President Obama during his 2012 campaign,” Twyman wrote in an email news release Wednesday. “This Wednesday evening, representatives of the Pray at the Pump Movement (PAPM) and other concerned citizens will picket her concert urging her to use her enormous influence with youth to get them signed up before the December 23 deadline. We intend to bring healthcare.gov forms with us to be distributed to the loyal youthful fans that will be present waiting in in line to see the diva.”


On the subject of the Affordable Care Act, Twyman says he “takes issue with Christian politicians who are against providing low cost health care for 40 million people. They have forgotten the golden rule. The Bible specifically states that God wants us all to prosper and be in good health.

I get so bleeping tired of this “Jesus was a liberal” garbage that lefties periodically trot out in order to advance their warped agendas. Most recently here in North Carolina we’ve seen it via the ridiculous “Moral Monday” movement, led by state NAACP President Rev. William Barber (our version of Al Sharpton), an opportunistic race baiter who frequently derides conservative Christians in NC (specifically in the state legislature) for not supporting expansion of Medicaid, for scaling back unemployment benefits,  giving tax breaks to business owners, etc. These actions – taken by state government, and supported by most conservatives  – are not  “Godly” to the Reverend (who, along with his cult of followers, routinely uses scripture to advance socialism) and because of that he questions the Christianity of those who disagree with him on what role government should play in our lives.

I know America is full of well-meaning, decent, hard-working people, but when I read quotes like Rocky Twyman’s this feeling of hopeless for the future settles over me. Surely I’m not the only one? Talk me off my ledge, please …

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