PHOTO FAIL: @WendyDavisTexas receives Ann Richards’ shotgun

Wendy Davis
Ms. Davis strikes out. Again.

Just in case you hadn’t heard enough news about Wendy Davis over the last couple of weeks, I thought I would be kind enough to let you know this happened (hat tip to Twitchy Team):

The Austinist provides context:

At a fundraiser for the Travis County Democratic Party last night, Clark Richards, son of former Democratic Texas governor Ann Richards, bequeathed Wendy Davis with his late mother’s engraved shotgun ..


Davis reportedly promised to “kick some ass with it.”

Based on that picture I’d have to say … um .. no. As Texan Bryan Preston notes:

Greg Abbott also had no trouble with [pulling off the effective shotgun shot] on this Texas Monthly cover.

TX AG Greg Abbott

I’d say the Texas AG wins the “battle of the bad a** pictures” hands down – just as I suspect will happen in the eventual TX Governor election should he and Ms. Davis become its respective nominees.


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