Scott Brown begins #NHSEN campaign w/ ad in his iconic GMC truck

Scott Brown truck
Can he do it again?

The Hill reports this morning that former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has officially declared he’s running in the New Hampshire Senate race to try and defeat incumbent Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen, and that he will crank up his campaign up by stirring up memories of his miracle winning campaign in Massachusetts from 2010:

New Hampshire Senate candidate Scott Brown is launching his first ad in the race on Monday, a positive spot that touts his listening tour across the state in his iconic truck.

“Scott Brown has almost 300,000 miles on this truck,” a narrator says in the ad, over a shot of Brown driving his truck on a snowy road.

Over clips of Brown interacting with New Hampshirites during his listening tour, the narrator continues: “People want an America that leads again. A health care system that works for New Hampshire. And more good jobs. Isn’t it time someone took their side?”

“Go get em, Scott,” an unknown man adds, to close the spot. It will start running Monday on WMUR, according to the Boston Globe, which first reported news of the ad.

On Thursday, the former Massachusetts senator officially launched his bid in New Hampshire against incumbent Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D).

Though he’s facing three other Republicans in the primary, he’s heavily favored to win the nomination. Republicans see him as their best shot to take down Shaheen, whom they believe to be vulnerable because of ObamaCare’s unpopularity in the state.

Beyond the “listening tour”, I admit I haven’t been paying much attention to what Scott Brown has been up to in the months leading up to him announcing his candidacy , so I’m curious to find out what people in both MA and NH in particular think about what Brown is doing. Will the “carpetbagger” accusations stick? Polls show he’s got some ground to make up in New Hampshire amongst its residents, assuming he makes it beyond the primary.  He has a few months to do so, as the primary there is September 9th.

It should be noted – again – for the record, that Brown is not a rock-ribbed conservative and never campaigned as such, not during the Massachusetts primary campaign and not now.  So in the event that he wins, people shouldn’t mistakenly expect to get the type of Republican they would in, say, South Carolina or Texas.  All the same, I’d still prefer to see him in the US Senate than Shaheen – who is still completely unapologetic over her vote for Obamacare.

For now, put this race on your political radar … and stay tuned.

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