Cliché alert: Change starts with YOU

Right, I get it – clichés are, you know, so cliché, but I can’t seem to stop myself from using them from time to time, and events in my life over the past few months have solidified the old one about change starting with you.

Think about it. It really well and truly does, and when you firmly – and I do mean grab it and hold tight with both hands – realize that if you want your life to change for the better that it all starts with YOUR actions, YOUR words, understanding that you are in the driver’s seat (with God as your co-pilot, of course!) navigating your course – well, it’s a powerful feeling. You – controlling your own destiny. All it takes is you, putting one foot in front of the order, trying and sometimes succeeding (and sometimes failing) – and disabling the reverse gear permanently.

I live a simple life. Always have. But simple doesn’t have to be routine – and there comes a point when you come to the conclusion that your routine simply isn’t enough for you anymore. I’ve reached that point. YOLO and all that. My perspective on the present and the future has changed dramatically in recent weeks. Really looking forward to grabbing the bull by the horns in the coming weeks and months and exploring avenues I put off traveling on for years for one reason or the other. It starts now.

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