WH says it’s “entirely reasonable” to believe Lerner’s computer crashed

Aaaand they will oversee Obamacare as well. Frightening.

The lies keep stacking up, and this “explanation” pretty much takes the cake:

Explanations provided by the Internal Revenue Service for how it lost two years of former employee Lois Lerner’s emails are “entirely reasonable,” the White House said on Monday.

“You’ve never heard of a computer crashing before?” White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters traveling with the president aboard Air Force One.


But the White House dismissed Republican complaints as conspiratorial.

“I think it’s entirely reasonable, because it’s the truth and it’s a fact, and speculation otherwise I think is indicative of the kinds of conspiracies that are propagated around this story.  And they’re propagated in a way that has left people with a very mistaken impression about what exactly occurred,” Earnest said.


“The far-fetched skepticism expressed by some Republican members of Congress I think is not at all surprising and not particularly believable,” Earnest added.

A reminder, again, of what one DOJ attorney told Power Line’s Scott Johnson about server back-ups:

I’m a DOJ lawyer, so you obviously cannot use my name or any identifying information. But the idea that a “hard drive crash” somehow destroyed all of Ms. Lerner’s intra-government email correspondence during the period in question [2009-2011] is laughable. Government email servers are backed up every night. So if she actually had a hard drive fail, her emails would be recoverable from the backup. If the backup was somehow also compromised, then we are talking about a conspiracy.

Well, it’s no secret that the President of the United States thinks skepticism of government is a bad thing (but only when he’s President), but at the same time apparently the White House thinks everyone should just swallow whole without question the “entirely reasonable” excuses they’re giving as to why two years worth of key IRS emails – you know, the emails that just happen to be the ones between top Democrats, the WH, Treasury, DOJ, etc – simply vanished.  I’m sorry, but when you’re government wants you to stop being skeptical – especially on the issue of phony “computer crashes”, and to stop questioning what they do, we have a serious problem – starting with the corruptocrat sitting in the Oval Office.

Furthermore, when not even most of the reliable in the mainstream media are buying your excuses, you know there’s a big problem not just with your story, but your credibility as well.  Mr. Earnest may be carrying on in the great tradition of Obama press secretaries infamously lying through their respective teeth (like Jay Carney and Robert Fibbs, er, Gibbs) but about the only people who believe him at this point are the Obama faithful who would declare his innocence even if  he were literally holding the smoking gun, and most of the commentators at MSNBC.  But I repeat myself.

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