ST (dot) com Is Back In The Blogging Business

Relaunching ST . com!

American Lens, the site I’ve been writing for for over a year now, announced this morning that the site will soon be formally closing.

I am very much grateful for the opportunity I was given to write alongside my longtime blogging partner-in-crime Andrea Dillon, but with the bittersweet closing of Am Lens comes new opportunities in the new year, and my blogging home right here at – where it all began in 2003 – is where I belong.

Andrea is also relaunching her own site, so please make sure to bookmark it and add it to your RSS feed reader.

I have some category tweaking to do to make some of the posts more easily searchable, but all of my American Lens content from the last year-plus has been moved to my site, so there is a lot of “new” content here for anyone who didn’t get the chance to check it out at Am Lens.

The site will be updated as often as I can, time-permitting. I look forward to getting reacquainted with both longtime readers and new readers alike in the new year.

Thanks for visiting! And Happy New Year. :)

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