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Dear #OWS: This is what a REAL brutal crackdown actually looks like / #OccupyCLT

I read/see horrific stories/pictures/video like this about brutal crackdowns on opposition marchers in Middle Eastern countries and, of course, become enraged. Then I think about how both the pampered college-aged & middle-aged hippies equate their “struggles” to that of militant countries like Egypt and the like just because they’ve been (gasp!) pepper-sprayed to prevent them from continuing to camp overnight in places across the country they aren’t supposed to, and I become even more enraged at their sheer audacity. These willfully ignorant fools actually believe that being pepper sprayed means they live in a “police state.” Maybe they should talk to the young woman in this video to find out what it means to live in a real police state where the authorities don’t give a damn about human rights and liberty and justice and equality. .....   [Read More]