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Obama’s first big day as president-elect

Today Obama held a presser (transcript here) on the economic crisis and discussed some of the plans he’ll try to implement to bring the economy out of the funk it’s in right now. Frankly, he looked like a deer in headlights. In the process, he made a ‘joke’ of sorts about seances and Nancy Reagan (and he said it after a remark he made about consulting with presidents who were “still living“) that didn’t go over well, for which he has apologized to her personally. I’ll cut him a break on it because he looked like a bundle of nerves. I would too if I had that thin of a resume and I’d just been elected president. Time for responsibility. No more “present” votes. No more skipping out on important votes due to “campaign responsibilities.”.....   [Read More]

They’re just now figuring this out?

Beyond his thin resume, his radical left associations, and the fact that he’s portrayed himself for the last two years as someone he’s not, what’s extremely worrisome about a possible Barack Obama presidency is the fact that not only would he implement a solidly liberal agenda – including tax and spend policies – but that he’d have a Democrat Congress, possibly a super-majority, in which to essentially allow him to do whatever he wants......   [Read More]