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No, President Obama, ‘Sexism’ Is Not The Reason Voters Oppose Clinton

President Obama

President Obama hit the campaign trail on Tuesday to stump for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton just one week before Election Day. In urging the crowd in Columbus, Ohio to get out and vote, he trotted out some familiar yet worn-out themes about why he believes the race between Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump is so close:.....   [Read More]

As A Woman, Here Are 4 Reasons I’m Not Joining Hillary’s ‘Making History’ Bandwagon

Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi

Back in 1992, a young, naive girl was so impressed with candidate Bill Clinton that she signed up to volunteer with the local Democratic party chapter, and helped set up the staging area for one of his last speeches before he was elected president. She later strongly rejected the party’s platform – especially on abortion – and deeply regretted her (admittedly small) role in the national rise of the Clinton machine......   [Read More]

Two Women in 2016 Who Have Done More for Feminism Than Hillary Has

Hillary Clinton

Actress/social justice activist Susan Sarandon and businesswoman Carly Fiorina don’t have very much in common politically. Sarandon is a registered Democrat and staunch liberal who supported an admitted socialist for president. Fiorina, on the other hand, is a conservative Republican who ran for president in 2015 alongside 16 other candidates. Sarandon is pro-choice. Fiorina is pro-life......   [Read More]