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FAIL: Atlantic, NYT go full scale stupid in accusing Romney of welfare racism

Romney’s playing the raaaaaaaaaaaaace card!!!!” is the theme of the day as MSDNC dunce Chris Matthews and other pro-Obama “journalists” have latched on to what they see as the Romney campaign’s attempt at trying to win more white voters by making cracks about Obama’s birth certificate and “lying” about Obama’s recent move on welfare-to-work requirements.  In the above link, Matthews does what he does best by yelling and spitting about the Michigan birth certificate joke that Mitt Romney made this past weekend, insinuating that underneath Romney’s innocent enough joke about the birth certificate issue – an issue the Obama campaign itself has used to its advantage in the form of mugs and yoga pants merchandise on its website – Romney’s trying to remind voters of Obama’s Kenyan roots. This in spite of the fact that Romney repeatedly pushed back against the so-called “birther” movement long ago, and in spite of the fact that Chris Matthews himself has pushed the Obama-Kenya angle on his own program, and his was actually directed to and about Obama, unlike Mitt Romney’s joke......   [Read More]