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David Brooks back to being in awe of Obama

Oh brother. Just days after writing a column expressing his disappointment with Barack Obama, admitting that our new President was “not who we thought he was, ” Brooks pens another column today in which he’s back in fawning mode. Why? Because after his column, he talked to four – count ’em – four “senior members of the administration” about the claims made in his column. The result? After the first several paragraphs reading like something you’d find on, and throwing a few obligatory “I still think they’re taking things too far on certain issues” lines, Brooks lovingly added:.....   [Read More]

The Christopher Buckley drama

There’s been a minor dust-up in liberal and conservative circles over the announcement by Christopher Buckley, the son of the late National Review founder William F. Buckley, that he was supporting Barack Obama for president. Or, more to the point, the dust-up is over what Buckley, who has written a few pieces for National Review, wrote about his resignation from National Review earlier today. The NYT Caucus blog describes the original post:.....   [Read More]