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#MoralMondays and Media Bias: A Match Made in Raleigh

The steamed, er, esteemed Rev. William Barber (D-NC NAACP) officially kicked off “Moral Mondays” on April 29th, and as we get ready to head into our 7th Moral Monday march (there was no protest on May 27 due to the Memorial Day holiday) now is as good a time as any to provide a primer of sorts on how Moral Mondays are being reported on by what some have for years called our “state-run media.” However, since the state is now firmly in the hands of the Republican Party, it can’t really credibly be called “state-run media” anymore so for purposes of discussion we’ll just call it our left leaning NC mainstream media.  Specifically, the area conservatives look at as the base for Democrat-flavored news is Raleigh and surrounding/nearby cities like Durham, Chapel Hill, and Greensboro......   [Read More]