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Thiessen: US EITs were used to ‘elicit cooperation’ rather than gain intelligence

In light of all the back and forth that has taken place in the aftermath of the bin Laden termination, specifically the renewed debate on the effectiveness of aggressive interrogations, Bush-era administration official and counterterrorism expert Marc Thiessen explains in a great column in the Washington Post what the enhanced interrogation techniques used by US intelligence agencies were actually designed to do (bolded emphasis added by me):.....   [Read More]

Photos/video: George & Laura Bush sign books in Charlotte – Rev. Graham makes appearance

As you can imagine, the local news networks/papers were all over the story of former President Bush and Laura Bush being in town at the Rev. Billy Graham Library to sign copies of their books to people who had camped out Friday night to get a wristband Saturday, and who camped out last night to get a good spot in line today. Reportedly there were around 1,000 people waiting in line to meet them (you can view photos here of the long lines and traffic), and many of those who stood in line got the rare chance to briefly see the Rev. Graham himself. Graham, 92, doesn’t make many public appearances these days due to health issues. .....   [Read More]

Where were you when Bush v. Gore was decided?

Columnist George Will has a good if not slightly scolding-to-liberals recap of the recount drama that unfolded in Florida in November of 2000 between then-candidates for president Texas Governor George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore which resulted in Bush v. Gore, which resulted in the SCOTUS ultimately ruling on December 12, 2000 that election laws could not be revised  nor re-written by the FL state Supreme Court in the aftermath of the contested election because they violated the Constitution’s equal protection guarantee.  As a result, Al Gore grudgingly conceded and George W. Bush won the state of Florida by 537 votes – becoming the 43rd President of the United States......   [Read More]

ACLU, far leftists wet pants – renew calls to prosecute Bush on ‘torture admission’ basis

In President Bush’s new book Decision Points, the former prez. defends his decision to authorize the use of the enhanced interrogation technique called “waterboarding” in the aftermath of the 9-11 attacks, and while he’s been out promoting the book on various TV talk show outlets he’s continued to strongly defend that decision. The technique, used a total of 3 times between 2001 and 2005 in isolated instances – including on admitted terrorist mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed – became a rallying cry for the anti-war movement in its relentless quest to have Bush and his administration tried for “war crimes” on the basis that they were gleefully violating the Geneva conventions in the pursuit of unlimited executive power......   [Read More]

Why are people assuming the fond remembrances of Bush are due to his fiscal policy?

President Bush has been in the news a lot lately between his attendence at some of the World Series games and the promotion of his book Decision Points, which he’s doing on multiple shows like Oprah, etc. (the book came out today). In some of the interviews he’s done, he’s steadfastly refused to criticize President Obama. And that’s made a lot of conservatives say things like “I miss W,” “what a class act,” etc. Which, in turn, has made other conservatives I respect feel the need to “remind” those who do miss W of all the fiscally un-conservative things he did while President (and of course there was the whole “Jorge Bush” thing where this America-hating President “sold us out” to Mexicoooo! )......   [Read More]