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September 11, Page 5

In response to Bush’s 9/11 reax, teens show more maturity than liberals

It amazes me to this day how liberals still moan and groan about President Bush’s immediate reaction to learning the Twin Towers had been attacked. Bush has said more than once that the reason he kept his cool was because he didn’t want to jump up and scare the kids in the Florida classroom he was visiting. Liberals like this idiot have insisted for years that his reaction was not befitting of a CIC who had just found out his nation had come under attack. Some of the kids who were in the classroom that day believed otherwise:.....   [Read More]

Thiessen: US EITs were used to ‘elicit cooperation’ rather than gain intelligence

In light of all the back and forth that has taken place in the aftermath of the bin Laden termination, specifically the renewed debate on the effectiveness of aggressive interrogations, Bush-era administration official and counterterrorism expert Marc Thiessen explains in a great column in the Washington Post what the enhanced interrogation techniques used by US intelligence agencies were actually designed to do (bolded emphasis added by me):.....   [Read More]