Democrats won’t want to hear this but…

There is a strong belief out there that the type of attacks being launched against the war and the President are being done for partisan gain, and HURT troop morale. Via the Washington Post:

Democrats fumed last week at Vice President Cheney’s suggestion that criticism of the administration’s war policies was itself becoming a hindrance to the war effort. But a new poll indicates most Americans are sympathetic to Cheney’s point.

Seventy percent of people surveyed said that criticism of the war by Democratic senators hurts troop morale — with 44 percent saying morale is hurt “a lot,” according to a poll taken by RT Strategies. Even self-identified Democrats agree: 55 percent believe criticism hurts morale, while 21 percent say it helps morale.

The results surely will rankle many Democrats, who argue that it is patriotic and supportive of the troops to call attention to what they believe are deep flaws in President Bush’s Iraq strategy. But the survey itself cannot be dismissed as a partisan attack. The RTs in RT Strategies are Thomas Riehle, a Democrat, and Lance Tarrance, a veteran GOP pollster.

Their poll also indicates many Americans are skeptical of Democratic complaints about the war. Just three of 10 adults accept that Democrats are leveling criticism because they believe this will help U.S. efforts in Iraq. A majority believes the motive is really to “gain a partisan political advantage.”

Here’s a PDF link to the poll.

Note the demographics on page three. Slightly more Democrats than Republicans took this poll, and even more Democrats with ‘leaners’ towards the Democratic party.

Think those Democratic Senators who are bogusly charging the President with “lying” and “deliberately misleading” the American people regarding the rationale used for the Iraq war will take note? I won’t hold my breath.

Read more via Justin Gardner at The Moderate Voice.

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