Galloway may soon face fraud investigation

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy:

George Galloway faces the prospect of a criminal investigation into his activities by the serious fraud office, which has collected evidence relating to the oil-for-food corruption scandal in Iraq.
A four-strong SFO team returned from Washington with what a source close to US investigators calls “thousands of documents” about the scandal. The team is expected to produce, within the next four weeks, a report for the SFO director, Robert Wardle, as to whether a full criminal investigation should be mounted into UK individuals and companies involved, including Mr Galloway, the Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow.

The SFO is following up two official reports published before Christmas in Washington, which detailed banking evidence that Mr Galloway’s wife and his political campaign organisation both received large sums from Saddam Hussein, laundered through under-the-counter oil allocations.

Mr Galloway is unaware of the SFO’s activities. He is in the Channel 4 TV show Celebrity Big Brother and cut off from outside contact. He is expected to be evicted from the Big Brother house tonight.

I’m sure that’s a relief to watchers of the show, who I’d bet had had enough of images like these of the British ‘Respect’ MP.

While the video of Galloway in a tight red suit on Celebrity Big Brother may be amusing, a more serious video has emerged of Galloway with none other than Uday Hussein, Saddam’s raping, torturing, murderous son who (along with his brother Qusay) is no longer with us courtesy of the US military. The video was shot in 1999. Sky News reports:

Video footage has emerged showing George Galloway shaking hands with Saddam Hussein’s son Uday – a rapist, torturer and convicted murderer.

The video, obtained by The Sun, shows the Respect MP having a 20-minute meeting with Saddam’s eldest son in an Iraqi palace in 1999.

In the video, Mr Galloway is seen to greet Uday, shaking his hand twice and calling him “Excellency”.

He jokes about losing weight, going bald and failing to give up smoking cigars.

Mr Galloway also orders watching journalists not to publish parts of their conversation.

Finally, according to the paper, he taunts the United States and vows to stick with Uday “until the end”.

The video was shot for an Iraqi TV station and was smuggled out of Iraq before the regime fell.

Uday beat and stabbed to death his father’s personal valet and food taster, Kemal Hana Gegeo, and was briefly imprisoned by Saddam.

He also raped numerous women, and his victims are believed to have included a visiting Russian ballerina.

And as head of the Iraqi Olympic Committee, he oversaw the imprisonment and torture of Iraqi athletes who were deemed not to have performed to expectations.

See the video here.

Charming fellow, eh? Just more evidence of what a traitor Galloway is to his fellow countrymen.

Hat tip to Theodore’s World via Decision ’08.

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