NAACP chairman makes GOP/Nazis comparison

Right here in North Carolina:

Civil rights activist and NAACP Chairman Julian Bond delivered a blistering partisan speech at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina last night, equating the Republican Party with the Nazi Party and characterizing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her predecessor, Colin Powell, as “tokens.”

“The Republican Party would have the American flag and the swastika flying side by side,” he charged.


He referred to former Attorney General John Ashcroft as J. Edgar Ashcroft. He compared Bush’s judicial nominees to the Taliban.

The talk so infuriated at least one black family in attendance among the 900 in the auditorium that they got up in walked out in protest.

“He went on and on name calling,” said Lee Wilson. “I walked out in the middle of his speech with my wife and three kids”

The harsh partisan rhetoric from Bond should not have surprised anyone who has followed him in recent years.

In July 2001, Bond said, “[Bush] has selected nominees from the Taliban wing of American politics, appeased the wretched appetites of the extreme right wing, and chosen Cabinet officials whose devotion to the Confederacy is nearly canine in its uncritical affection.”

Gee – and to think there were actually people who raised the roof on the fact that the President didn’t want to meet with the NAACP?

Update 8:31 PM: Well wadda ya know? A quick search of using the terms “Julian Bond” and “swastika” as of this writing yields exactly three, count ’em, three entries with the mention of the swastika reference, and only one of them is from a semi-MSM website: World Net Daily, which is the piece I’ve got quoted in this post. Another search of GoogleNews – this time using the terms “Julian Bond” and “FSU” (where he was speaking) generated two MSM results, and neither of them (here nor here) mentioned the swastika reference.

Let’s give it up for our MSM, ladies and gents! As always, they are complicit in the racism of black Democrats to the point they won’t even report it. I guess it’s become so old hat to hear such comments from racist black Democrats that maybe the mediots don’t even consider it news anymore.

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FRI AM UPDATE: Watch as civil rights “activist” Lawrence Guyot defends Bond’s remarks on Hannity and Colmes. Scroll down that link for a transcript as well.

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