A sample dose of primetime TV leftwing activism

Brent Baker at Newsbusters reports on the latest instance of leftwing ideology at work on the primetime TV show ER:

On Thursday’s ER, a leading character on the NBC drama set in a Chicago hospital, declared in reference to her husband being deployed to Iraq: “My duty is to be a good doctor and to be a good wife, not to be brainwashed into falling in line with some pseudo-patriotic delusion.” The blast from “Dr. Neela Rasgotra” played by Parminder Nagra, came at the end of a scene of a gathering of spouses of deployed soldiers. When one woman, whose husband would not be home for the impending birth of their child, proclaimed that “our loved ones are serving our country, and it’s a small price to pay” Dr. Rasgotra replied: “I think it’s a huge price to pay, especially under the circumstances.” The woman wondered: “What circumstances?” Dr. Rasgotra explained: “Well, the way the whole thing’s been handled, how we got into it, how it’s been managed….I still haven’t seen any weapons of mass destruction, have you?” As they all sat in a home’s living room, Dr. Rasgotra pleaded with the group: “You can’t tell me that you believe 100 percent in your heart that we should be in Iraq, can any of you?”

There’ve been other instances of this as well on ER:

This isn’t the first time ER has taken shots at President Bush or the Iraq war. A November NewsBusters item by Rich Noyes recounted: “About three-fourths of the way through ER on NBC, a character giving a dinner table blessing began her prayer with rhetoric that could have been lifted from MoveOn.org’s Web site: ‘Thank you, Lord, for the blessings we are about to receive. Look over those now who cannot be with us, including the countrymen who fight to protect us in an overseas war founded on lies told to us by our government.'”

Back in May of 2004, the MRC CyberAlert reported how on ER “two of the characters decided they could not name their baby ‘George’ because it was ‘the name of the current occupant of the White House.’ Later in the show, another of the characters was thrilled to hear from a liberal Bush-hating columnist: ‘Molly Ivins gave a kick a** [edited-language. –ST] speech!'”

I don’t post this in order to stir up outrage nor do I think ER should be boycotted. Just wanted to provide you with yet another example of how left wing ideas smoothly get inserted into our daily lives via the television shows we watch. The now-defunct TV show Left West Wing was a prime example of that as well.

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