Teacher who advocated destruction of pro-life display put on admin leave

Posted by: ST on April 19, 2006 at 11:27 am

Good. Via NKU’s Northerner site:

The Northern Kentucky University professor responsible for dismantling an anti-abortion display April 12 has stopped talking to the media and has been placed on administrative leave.

Dr. Sally Jacobsen returned The Northerner’s calls Tuesday evening and said she has been advised by her attorney not to grant any more interviews. She directed further inquiries to her attorney, Margo Grubbs of Grubbs Law Firm in Covington, Ky.

However, in an e-mail dated April 18, Jacobsen wrote to students whom she invited to join the demonstration. “I want to do everything I can to keep any of you from being specifically named,” she said. “And I am very sorry I got you involved in this.”

Jacobsen also apologized in a television interview. She expressed her regret for including students and voiced her concern for the welfare of those students.

In an online report released Thursday evening, The Northerner reported Jacobsen, along with approximately 10 students from her Studies of Contemporary British Literature class, removed 400 white crosses from the hill in front of the Fine Arts Building. Those involved knocked the crosses over before throwing them in trash cans around the plaza.

Jacobsen urged students to spread the crosses around the plaza to “make it harder” to get them back.

Stay tuned ….

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  • 33 Responses to “Teacher who advocated destruction of pro-life display put on admin leave”


    1. Baklava says:

      I wondered why she kept openly speaking about her crime.

      Sounds like she got good advice from her lawyer but it’s a little TOO LATE. :)

    2. – Well hell. You know. Whats the point of un-civil protest if you can’t brag it up with some quality Liberal press “facetime” for the “cause”.

      – Interesting how all these moonbat morons lawyer up right away. Could it be they know they’re way over the line from the gitgo.

      – Anyway, I’d rather see her have to give a public apology in front of national press camera’s and be required to physically replace all the crosses just the way they were herself, than see her fired. You’re never going to drag these morons out of their mental dysfunction, and obsessive ideolog actions unless they feel some of the reverse responsibility for irresponsible actions. the Liberals love to “feel” their politics, so give them the chance, every opportunity, otherwise they just scream “victim” no matter how dumb the offenses.

      – Bang **==

    3. Jim M says:

      The abortion issue stirs up strong emotions on both sides and we have seen people with strong convictions on both sides do stupid things because of there feelings on the issue. She went too far in acting out her feelings on the issue as with people like Eric Robert Rudolf. Those types of people are using destruction and threats to intimidate there opposition into going along with their convictions because they are right and any other opinion is plain flat out wrong. What is the difference in the way these people try to use force or intimidation against people with a different opinion and the terrorists? This is not the way to forward your views on this hot button issue by using “the ends justify the means” theory.

    4. steve says:

      All violence is counter-productive and should be condemned. Peace

    5. Lorica says:

      I really wish that when a liberal apologies for these things they would get the apology right. She should be saying “I didn’t think before I reacted, and I am sorry that I am being punished for being an intolerant idiot”. She isn’t sorry that she destroyed someone else’s guaranteed 1st amendment right freedom of speech display. She is only sorry about being punished, she revelled in being caught, that is why she did the interviews. If she saw another display she would do it again in a minute, especially if she could get away with it. She would even enlist the help of her students if she knew she could get away with it. These people live in the bubble of the MSM, and they think the whole world agrees with them. They are just two stupid to realize that their opinions are truly in the minority. – Lorica

    6. Jim M says:

      So let me get this straight Steve(fn) if a perp (Criminal) was to break into your house to rob you and in the process doesn’t care if he does bodily harm to you or any of your family members you would not use violence to protect you or your family?

      And by the way there wasn’t any violence the liberal teacher and some of her students removed the crosses they didn’t kill or beat anyone in their actions. But they removed property that wasn’t theirs to remove and also took away the anti-abortion group’s right of freedom of speech.

    7. Baklava says:

      He’s already said so Jim. I’ve posed these questions before and he’d let the people die. His solutions always lead to more blood.

    8. Jim M says:

      Bak, I kind of figured Steve(fn) is one of those peace at any price; his type would give up all freedoms become subservient in the name of peace Steve’s type would not lift a finger to save the life of a family member or a friend. He is too thick skulled to realize that many people have died so he has that right, but as a Veteran his kind still makes me want to puke.

    9. steve says:

      I’m not a believer in suicide, that’s violence. And I do not believe in allowing the innocent to die, that’s murder. No situation has only one possible result. I contend that it is unnecessary to believe that the only way to survive is to kill the “other” guy first. I’m not a believer in pre-emption or retribution. Peace

    10. Baklava says:

      So you are a murderer type person Steve? You wrote, “I do not believe in allowing the innocent to die”

      But that was your solution for the Muslim children who were killed by their father despite the please of the mom. Your action wouldn’t have been any more vigous. Mine would’ve been after the first child to use all force necessary including knives, guns, etc. Yours was to try to talk him out of it which is what the mom was doing… Crazy talk I say.

      Your platitude, “no situation has only one possible result is liberal gobblidy gook”. If you see the muslim man weilding the knife and slitting hte kids throats you can believe he won’t continue but he will. He did. You either stop him or you are a murderer by your own words.

      You can contend all you want but the situations arise and you were posed the real life scenario and you FAILED (you failed) to save lives in your solution.

      And now you call yourself a murderer.

      Even more peace../

    11. Jim M says:

      So Steve(fn) who are the innocent in your eye’s and how would you stop the innocent from being killed or dying? The only way to save the innocent is called preemptive another words strike first if that means killing the aggressor that is the only way Steve(fn). You can be a victim a statistic that goes along with the liberal thinking isn’t it Steve(fn)? Don’t worry Steve(fn) just sit there and call 911 and try to understand what made the perp (criminal) break into your house and threaten you with bodily harm if you don’t do as he says.

      I am sorry I put liberal and thinking in the same sentence. I bow my head in shame.

    12. Steve, just curious. Do you ever post anything not involving war, conspiracies, murder, killing , or death?

      – Bang **==

    13. Severian says:

      “Steve, just curious. Do you ever post anything not involving war, conspiracies, murder, killing , or death?”

      Good observation Bang! Maybe he’s like the preacher who rails against the evils of alcohol and sex, all the while visiting strip clubs and getting wasted every night, obsessed with the very thing he rails against.

      Damned astute observation! ^:)^

    14. Jim M says:

      Wow Bang I have to go along with Severian on this one to good observation.
      With all of Steve’s talk of War, conspiracies, murder, killing , or death there is one funny thing, if logical thought were gun powder Steve couldn’t even blow his nose.

    15. If NKU punished a faculty member for “damaging” the display, I don’t think that display should have been permitted on campus in the first place. It’s probably just as well that I’m not teaching there this semester. Those crosses have been moved all over the Tri-State and I get irritated every time I see them.

    16. sanity says:

      If NKU punished a faculty member for “damaging” the display, I don’t think that display should have been permitted on campus in the first place.

      You statement makes no sense.

      She incited students of hers to destroy private property, the university approved the display, if she had a problem with it she should have taken it through the proper channels with the university.

      She didn’t.

      She allowed her outrage to dictate her actions.
      She also got her students involved in the destruction of this display.

      She called it an act of freedom of speech to destroy private property, and to trample the freedom of speech of others, and to break the Law, and to break the University set code of conduct and policies.

      What she did was wrong, and unlawful.

      Just because you disagree with something, or find something offensive, does not give you the right to destroy private property or to trample of the rights of others.

      She did not have permission to remove or destroy that display.

      Those student that put up the display had permission to put it up.

      Feelings do not trump the Law or University policy.
      Calling it your ‘freedom of speech right’ to destroy private property, does not make it right.

      Destruction of property is NEVER a right.

      I don’t think that display should have been permitted on campus in the first place.

      Now, this is more reasonable.

      There is proper ways of initiating the removal of displays you may find offensive. If the university permitted it (which they did), I am sure there are ways for them to change their minds. Petitions, protests, ect.

      How this professor and her students went about it was the wrong way. What she did could cost her the job she holds and the students could face disciplinary action also.

      Again, what she did was wrong, she went about it the wrong way, she acted on feelings of outrage and not using her head to realize the consequences of her actions. She then tried to rationalize it by saying it was her right of freedom of speech she was acting on, and saying that the display is reminiscent on the Nazi displays in Fountain Square.

      No matter her excuses, she knows that this type of action is not tolerated and what she did was wrong. It is too bad she let her feelings do the thinking for her, but for every action there is a consequence.

      So essentially, she made her bed, let her sleep in it.

    17. Mahwah says:

      Holly, what is it exactly that irritates you about the crosses? Is it that they remind you of the hundreds of thousands of children slaughtered in the name of convenience, and that down deep your conscience tells you abortion is an immoral act? I’m sure it’s unsettling for you… Why is it that the Left is okay with anti-war protesters, pro-abortionists, and general anti-American propogandists (including teachers and professors) excercising their right to freedom of speech on campuses, but balk when views opposing their own are presented in the same public forum?

    18. steve says:

      Abortion is an abomination and the Left will give up all claim to it, if the Right gives up all claim to war and the death penalty. Deal? Your either for Peace and non-violence or you are not. There is no acceptable level of violence. Peace

    19. Lorica says:

      Awwww poor Holly gets irritated when she sees pro life crosses. I get irritated when I pass an abortion clinic and I know that children are dying inside of one of them. It amazes me how fast people will take away a persons right to free speech when it is something that they don’t agree with. You know what is irritating is the fact that you ignore what each and every one of those crosses represent. The sacrifce of millions of children to the alter of convenience. It only shows that you KNOW that abortion is wrong, but are to “unconcerned” to do nothing to right that wrong. Your post is laughable at best and saddening at worst. How you reconcile your logic is beyond me, and you are a teacher?? Ohhhhh But Lorica you would take away a woman’s right to choose??? If there is a time for a woman to choose, it should be prior to having unprotected sex. That is only logical. – Lorica

    20. newton says:


    21. forest hunter says:

      Holly: What would be the reasoning behind forgiving Sally’s destructive actions? The display was the victim and target, for her intolerance and subsequent damage. Is this another case of blame the victim just for being there?

      How does that kind of mentality square with all the other displays that represent opposing views?

      Do teachers/professors have some kind of special insight, lacking in the rest of the world? Is it their sworn duty to set us straight according to their philosophy? Does this strike you as indicative of the types of double standards on display daily?

      Will her union be the reason her unreasonable actions go largely unchallenged?

    22. G-Monster says:

      Teachers are there to teach. Not influence opinion. What subject does this woman teach? Will the teachers just teach when they are on campus. Will the actors please just act when they are front of a camera, or getting some goofy award. Alot of actors I liked at one point, because of thier acting, I don’t like anymore. Kind of like the Dixie Chics. They were popular before they opened thier mouths on politics. They didn’t realize they were appealing to a small minority. I do like to see Steve’s opinions here, and although I don’t agree with most of them, I like calling him names.

    23. sanity says:

      What subject does this woman teach?

      She teaches Womens Studies.

      Hmmm tried to access her webpage and seems to be down: Link

      Though the president of the University has posted this:

      Statement by President James C. Votruba

      Posted 04/18/2006
      I am writing to comment on the recent destruction of an approved campus display created by the Northern Kentucky Right to Life student organization.

      One of the important roles that a university must play is to be a forum for debate and analysis concerning the important issues of the day. Often these issues are surrounded by strident rhetoric and strong emotions, which makes it even more incumbent on the university to create and nurture an intellectual environment in which reason and evidence prevail and where all points of view can be heard.

      Northern Kentucky University has a distinguished record of addressing important public issues in a balanced way. We are proud that, as a campus, we are not the captive of one ideology or point of view. At their best, universities are not places of comfortable conformity. They are places where ideas collide as students and faculty search for deeper understandings and perspectives.

      While the University supports the right to free speech and vigorous debate on public issues, we cannot condone infringement of the rights of others to express themselves in an orderly manner. By leading her students in the destruction of an approved student organization display, Professor Sally Jacobsen’s actions were inconsistent with Northern Kentucky University’s commitment to free and open debate and the opportunity for all sides to be heard without threat of censorship or reprisal.

      It has been heartening that student and faculty groups that do not necessarily support the position of Northern Kentucky Right to Life have come out strongly in support of the organization’s right to be heard through their display. This reflects a commitment to the importance of free speech and inquiry as a hallmark of our University.

      Professor Jacobsen has been removed from her remaining classes and placed on leave from the University. She will retire from the University at the end of this semester. The Faculty Senate, representing more than 1,000 NKU faculty members, has taken strong action today that affirms the importance of free expression as a defining quality of the University. Our campus has spoken with a strong and unified voice. Further action may occur once a full investigation has been completed.

      The action taken by the University should be considered in the context of Professor Jacobsen’s entire 27-year career at NKU. Nevertheless, her recent lapse of judgment was severe and, for a period of time, has caused some in our community and beyond to question whether Northern Kentucky University upholds freedom of expression. My answer to this question is an unequivocal yes. NKU lives its commitment to free expression and responds when that commitment has been compromised.

      America is, today, debating a variety of polarizing issues around which people feel great passion. It is not surprising that these strong sentiments find their way onto college campuses. However, our role is to add light to these debates, not more heat. If we don’t serve this role, who will?


    24. Lorica says:

      Yesss Siree Sanity. It just goes to show ya. Brillance can last a lifetime, but stupidity of a fleeting moment, will simply destroy ya. /bye bye Miss Jacobsen, chances are you will find a nice new job working for an ever bigger, and more liberal school. Wish ya luck. – Lorica

    25. Baklava says:

      Good Job President Votruba. I’m sure if she belonged to a union it wouldn’t have been that easy.

    26. – Actually she was already due for retirement at the end of the semester, so he didn’t really have to drop the hammer. Its also possibly why she finally felt free to cast off the burdisome yolk of adult responsibility, and let her true Liberal intolerance shine through.

      – At any rate, good timing, since theres some evidence that still being Liberal in your dodage is a possible sign of dementia, and who wants or needs that sort of mentality teaching our kids.

      – I still wish she’d have had to replace the crosses herself with the cameras running. Liberals, for all their self-claimed “intelligence”, seem to be in desperate need of social studies 101 refresher courses.

      – Bang **==

    27. steve says:

      Crime doesn’t pay. I hope bush is paying attention. Peace

    28. G Monster says:

      Steve, are you still dating michael moore?

    29. forest hunter says:

      G: I thought steve was Hooks Hamza’s nurse, hence the mispelling in his diatribe- grime/crime it’s close.

    30. G Monster says:


      omg…i had to look that one up. he is totally hook’s nurse.

    31. G Monster says:

      Bum Deal For Prison Nurse…

      I had to Print This Headline

    32. forest hunter says:

      Well G,as nurse spooner was once quoted, “I’m gonna leave that one right there.”