CIA officer fired over “secret CIA prisons in Europe” leak

Posted by: ST on April 22, 2006 at 2:32 am

Excellent. Via NBC:

WASHINGTON – In a rare occurrence, the CIA fired an officer who acknowledged giving classified information to a reporter, NBC News learned Friday.

The officer flunked a polygraph exam before being fired on Thursday and is now under investigation by the Justice Department, NBC has learned.

Intelligence sources tell NBC News the accused officer, Mary McCarthy, worked in the CIA’s inspector general’s office and had worked for the National Security Council under the Clinton and and George W. Bush administrations.

The leak pertained to stories on the CIA’s rumored secret prisons in Eastern Europe, sources told NBC. The information was allegedly provided to Dana Priest of the Washington Post, who wrote about CIA prisons in November and was awarded a Pulitzer Prize on Monday for her reporting.

Sources said the CIA believes McCarthy had more than a dozen unauthorized contacts with Priest. Information about subjects other than the prisons may have been leaked as well.

Flopping Aces has tons of lins on this, including speculation of a possible McCarthy/Joe Wilson connection. Make sure to read the whole thing.

(Hat tip: ST reader Big Bang Hunter)

I wish I could write more commentary on this, but my time is limited – check the following blogs for more comment on this developing story: Jeff Goldstein, Captain Ed, Michelle Malkin, Rick Moran, Kim Priestap at Wizbang, Stop The ACLU, Tom Maguire, Ace of Spades (see also here), AJ Strata, Gay Patriot

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  • 76 Responses to “CIA officer fired over “secret CIA prisons in Europe” leak”


    1. Stingray says:

      Plus, Mary McCarthy and her husband were big donors to John Kerry, Sen. Barbara Mikulski, and various Democrat party organizations.

      See the pics recording their donations here.

      -Michael McCullough

    2. HadaAbeche says:

      Interesting twist to the story here

    3. – Hmmmm…. Connections to Wilson (My secret agent wife), Burger (secrets in his shorts), Wesley Clark (No WMD’s, Bush lied), Rockefeller (Hey Syria, Bush is going to lay it on you), even General Zinni (I was for the war before I was against it).

      – The Euro commission now says there were no “secret prisons” .

      – A pulitzer for Mz. Priest for a phoney story that turns out to be a CIA sting to uncover the leakers?

      – McCarthy bites and blows the whole Liberal “palace coup” scam wide open?

      – The Liberal press gets sucked in full force? (Get ready for full scale whining from the Liberal lie rags if all this is true).

      – CIA officials are saying there are “other” disclosures to come. Goss is on the job.

      – Looks like Rove is already working his magic!

      – Fitzgerald will be peeing his shorts when he gets wind of this.

      – Next stop: Indictments for the NYTrash/Leakers in the NSA non-wiretap scam.

      – Its just beginning kiddies. Sit back and enjoy the view. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of “Ludites/turncoats”. Just in time for the fall election cycle: “PrisonGate”!. Christmas comes early for our party this year. Bon appitite’ moonbats

      – Bang **==

    4. Severian says:

      I’m almost speechless with anger at the CIA leak imbroglio. It figures she was hired by Sandy “docs in my pants” Berger, and she was right in the middle of the 911 Commission mis-Report as well. And now, it appears that it’s even worse than it appears at first blush. The Europeans have said they found no evidence of secret prisons. This leads us to a couple of possible conclusions:

      1) We were successful at hiding evidence of the secret prisons (unlikely considering the lack of competence our intel community seems to show), so the program she leaked about was real, and she did considerable damage to a real classified program as well as doing major damage to the administration and the country in its relations with other nations by leaking classified info, or

      2) The program really didn’t exist, at least not in the form she leaked about it to the press, which means that she deliberately invented details of a program that were fake but were designed specifically to embarass and damage the Bush administration and presented them to the press.

      Out of the two, the last is even worse. In the first instance, you can, if you stretch, make an argument that this person found out about a program that really upset them, and they made a serious mistake in who they reported it to. You can’t even stretch and make that claim for the 2nd case, which is a deliberate, cynical attempt to damage a political opponent through the use of lies and calculated “leaks” to manipulate the press to your advantage, with no care for the damage done to the nation in the process.

      Repulsive, illegal, and morally bankrupt, either way. This woman should be hanged on the Capitol steps in view of all the current CIA staff.

    5. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      Since it appears that the secret CIA prisons in Europe never existed, does this mean that Dana Priest of The Washington Post has to give back her Pulitzer prize?

      Or is the award now given on the basis of the boldness and brazenness of the lie, in which case she should keep it? Dan Rather, call your office. A Pulitzer may be in your future after all!

      The Washington Post seems to have a special talent for hiring reporters with Dana Priest’s ethics.

    6. – Apparently Mwa the award was in the field of “fiction”. They just forgot to tell us.

      – Bang **==

    7. – Its worse than that Sev. The Euro commision tried not onc,e but twice, and now say they are absolutely sure that no such prisons ever existed, nor could they find a single instance of a country anywhere giving the CIA help in transporting insurgents. Believe me, some of those countries are not our pals, and if they had anything they would have screeched it to the rafters.

      – Starting to look really bad for the Liberals. As one pundit put it after these ties between the various “bad boy/girl” Dems started surfacing, coupled with the comments from the CIA officials about “many more disclosures to come”, “Bet a lot of Democrats are going to bed nervous in Washinton tonight”.

      – One huge irony is Mz McCarthy was working in the CIA unit that tracks leakers. O}fficials say they know of over a dozen times she contacted Priest, and that other secret data besides the prison material changed hands.

      – Bang **==

    8. – Hey guys/gals of the VRWC. Get a load of this – Looks like the beginning of “ItsOurTurnToGloatGate”

      – Bang **==

    9. steve says:

      Portor Goss, the head of the CIA, said he felt that this particular leak did great damage to the security of the USA. If, as you kool-aid drinkers contend, there were no prisons, what the he11 is Goss taking about? Peace

    10. – You really REALLY don’t want to go there Steve-oh. Best to just lay low on this one – its potentially a real disaster for your side. But just so you’ll have a chance to retreat quietly, Goss is not reffering to just the “prisonGate” info, which was probably an inside sting operation. He’s talking about “other secrets” that changed hands in the dozen or more contacts between McCarthy and Priest, and “others”, yet to be named. Then theres “PlameGate”, “WiretapGate”.

      – Like I said. Best to just let it play out this time. Its going to be bad enough without setting your side up for even more ridecule. Word to the not-so-wise Sparky.

      – Bang **==

    11. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      What will it be, steve? If the secret prisons existed, then national security was harmed for partisan politics. If they did not exist (as the EU seems to think), then the MSM and Democrats lied. In other words – treason or deceit are the choices.

      I can’t wait to see which one your side will choose.

    12. forest hunter says:

      Bang, how do you link the Jaws theme song?

    13. forest hunter says:

      Mwalimu, aren’t the ethics or lack thereof part of their job description and mandatory for Pulitzer savagery?

    14. Forest – “….And just when you thought it was safe to go back in the politiburro….”…

      – Steve is already parroting the early left wing “spin”….The DU-ites and Kos Kiddies have been up all night planning counter talking points…

      – When this first broke last night I swear you could almost hear a loud wailing collectivist “Awww s***” from over in the Komrads sandbox of fleas.

      – And the more they whine the worse it will be….One giant case of “Live by the lie, die by the lie”.

      – The Emails must be burning up the netwires back and forth between the DNC and the left wing polito-rags. Good luck asshats.

      – Bang **==

    15. Jack Deth says:

      steve asks:Portor Goss, the head of the CIA, said he felt that this particular leak did great damage to the security of the USA. If, as you kool-aid drinkers contend, there were no prisons, what the he11 is Goss taking about?

      It’s called a “Canary Trap”, steve. Where different variations of a Classified document or story crosses the paths of those being investigated within. When the correct variation surfaces, questions are asked and the list of suspects is narrowed drastically and immediatedly.

      It’s been noted by others at the Agency that McCarthy met with Priest on at least a dozen occasions. It’s going to be very interesting and entertaining to see what was discussed or exchanged during those meetings. And just how far that and “other” information traveled.

      Which opens the door for her to be fired and land in the lap of of DoJ. It’s going to be a LOT of fun contemplating how little pressure it will take to have McCarthy and Priest squeal like little girls.
      Then watch WaPo, The Slimes, LSM, Clinton Hold over Super Grades and countless (D) CongressCritters try to run away from the fallout!

      Kinda gives a new meaning to the phrase “McCarthyism”!!! \:d/:d\:d/


    16. forest hunter says:

      It shouldn’t be long now before we see the “New meaning council of real meanings” convene, just as soon as they finish publishing the last redesciption of illegal/undocumented alien/guests. I can hardly wait to see what treason and deceit will be referred to as, eh MD.

    17. Jack – Two of those actions are already fete accompli’… shes been fired and referred to the Justice department AND shes admitted everything, (they must have caught her flat footed with no way out so shes trying damage control), and shes singing like a Aerosmith groupie. Its the “others to be named” that will be interesting, and one of the CIA higher ups intends to ask Rockefeller/Durbin to take poly’s. If they refuse their careers are toast. (For the details see my earlier link).

      – And theres “dozens of ongoing investigations…” according to DoJ and CIA spokespeople. Whatever else happens I really hope they’re able to nail that self-promoting judas Wilson.

      – Bang **==

    18. solitaire says:

      So, I take it from all of these comments that illegal secret prisons are ok with you?

    19. forest hunter says:

      What illegal secret prisons are you referring to solitaire?

    20. Jack Deth says:

      Hi, Bang:

      In some cases redundancy (McCarthy being fired and investigated by DoJ) about the “fete accompli” can be Cathartic for the one behind the keyboard, and informative to our “unique” and obdurate Steve.

      This has all the makings of a Democratic Watergate. I’ve a feeling Mr. Wilson’s and several other recent “Media Darlings” days are numbered.


    21. Karl says:

      the matter of prisons is irrelevent.

      she had proper avenues to use if she felt the alleged prisons were improper.

      telling a reporter was not one of those.

      This is not a case where I can see a moral justification, but even if it was, then she should be proud to be convicted, right?

    22. – Ok. the early spin approach here in the SD Union, which is pretty much in lock step with its Eastern Liberal brethrens (weeks of Abu Graibe on the front page in breathless outrage, anything positive on Bush or Iraq on page 15), is going with the “No one can believe this 20+ year veteran of the security world, whos worked tiressly to protect her country could possibly have done anything wrong, and how she single handedly tried to stop Clinton from bombing that aspirin factory, and they’re obviously “scape-goating” her, just ask lots of people she went to school with and people she worked with, so its just not believable, and its all based on the information connected with “THE SECRET CIA PRISONS IN EUROPE”, angle. Total whitewash. Not a word about Priest, none of the connections between her and Wilson/Plame/Burger etc etc ect. Nada.

      – I hope Goss and the DoJ hang every one of these ideolog turncoats out to dry before this is over. Porter is going to let the bombs drop slowly, spaced over a few weeks, so eventually the Liberal polito-rags are going to have to stop evading and deal with it. They’re kidding themselves if they think they can hide.

      – Bang **==

    23. Lorica says:

      This is another case where a democtatic operative thinks some sort of news leaked to the MSM will advance them to great heights within the organization. Pretty soon we will be hearing the “Dan Rather” defense. It doesn’t matter that the prisons don’t exist, the spirit of the leak was true. It is a sorry state of affairs for these partisans. Blinded by hate, and to stupid to know they are being set up for failure. I am pretty interested in seeing who gets indicted next. I just hope it is damning to Sandy Berger. Yet more of the Clinton Legacy exposing itself. Thanks Bill. – Lorica

    24. forest hunter says:

      Bang and ST, isn’t it revealing that besides the obvious connections and overlaps of same place/time with Wilson/Plame/Berger, that it will not be reflected anywhere in the traiterous press, even in the opinion section.

      You can see McCarthy’s EXPERTISE listed as Intelligence, National/International Security, Preventative Diplomacy/Conflict Resolution and Terrorism if you dig into the site taken down recently, thanks to the cached efforts of Flopping Aces. What new meanings to such phrases as those, will be surfacing in the unending defiance of protecting this country?

    25. steve says:

      My hope is that you Rightwing folks root out every, “ideolog”, as you put it, in the CIA, and in the process Goss, destroy’s the “company”. Secret prisons in Europe or anywhere else should not exist and the people who thought they should, must be outed. Peace

    26. Steve-oh. Seriously. Try to keep up. Theres no evidence, none, that any prisons exist or ever existed. You guys are moving from feckless partisanship to outright clownishness.

      – The issue is people letting their ideologocal fevor push them over the line from honest political struggles into treason. J. Boothe and his gaggle of extremists thought they were saving the Republic too. Theres just some things you don’t do, no matter how strongly you feel about things.

      – If the Right reacted in kind to the lefts swamp fever approach to every thing, We’d be calling for McCarthy, and anyone else that is evenetually exposed in this scandal, to be named as enemy combatants, and tried accordingly. That rarely happens, because we tend to show compassion, which may or may not be a good thing, but something that the “ideologs” definately count on.

      – Bang **==

    27. – Anyway in the mean time the Liberal press is trying to go with the “shes being framed” defense and issuing statements of “Friends and fellow workers do not believe she has done anything wrong”. That would be a great coverup, except shes already confessed and is talking, so the Liberal press needs to get its act together, their Liberal bias is unmistakable at this point, and they’ll look foolish if they continue to play the protection/denial game.

      – Bang **==

    28. Karl says:

      John Kerry has already come to her defense in part by trying to justify it because she was telling the truth.

    29. – Yes well, that jackass is lucky he only got a dishonarable discharge instead of jail time for treason. He still thinks he lives in France.

      – One interesting note in listening to his speech this morning. There was the usual left-wing retoric, but he casually snuk three “new” positions for him and the moonbats in between the anti-American babble.

      – After only 5 short years he finally notices the West is in a war with radical Islam, we’re actually being attacked by insurgents, and Bin Laden and Al Zarqari are bad guys. The left is trying to change their “weak on the WOT” image with the fall election cycle coming up.

      – Bang **==

    30. steve says:

      Radical Islam lives in Saudi Arabia, and that would be the Wahabbists. The Wahabbists from Saudi Arabia ran 2 aircraft into the WTC and one plane into the Pentagon. Why does bush want to invade Iran, nobody from Iran crashed into our buildings? Peace

    31. forest hunter says:

      Dear steve: Radical moronism lives in your head but President Bush didn’t attack you, even though you keep running your head into the walls of babble on. Realign your delusions numbnuts. President Bush does not want to invade Iran, even the idiot in charge of Iran knows that. You continue choosing not to see or hear anything, reality based. Stop already with your delusional lies.

    32. forest hunter says:

      BTW steve: Is your blood circulation constricted because your bra strap is too tight, therefore you don’t know what this thread is about? Better have someone read it for you again.

    33. PCD says:

      steve(FN) is bucking to become steve(FS)!

      Steve(FN), does reality ever penetrate your coconut? There were no secret CIA prisons. It was at trap for that dipstick Kerry koolaid drinker, Clintonista leftover to fall for, and she did taking you with her.

      Will someone escort Steve(FN) to the rubber room?

    34. steve says:

      This was a sting? A Washington Poat reporter won the Pulizer Prize, having written a story about nothing? Are you aware that there are only 4 states in 50 that still give bush more then 50% approval? They are Idaho, Nebraska, Utah and Wyoming, what in the world are the people in those states doing, because it isn’t paying attention. Peace

    35. All that may be true Steve. But the “dirty tricks campaign” that the Dembulbs have spun have not changed a thing. As one of my Liberal friends said the other day: “What the hell good is the dirty tricks. Sure they’ve managed to drive Bushes popularity down, but Bush isn’t running in 2008. Last time we ran a candidate that couldn’t even be honest with the details of his war records. This time we’re talking about running a candidate that favors the Iraqui war and her hubby can’t keep his fly zipped. If all that isn’t bad enough, no matter how unpopular the Repugs are, how many people are going to vote for a party with absolutly no plan that act like a bunch of maniacs. We’re our own worst enemies.” I tend to think hes right.

      – Bang **==

    36. – Oh and to answer your question, yes it would appear this was what they call a “Canary trap” sting to catch the leakers. There never was any “CIA secret prisons”. Now that Mary loose lips has confessed, the next question is will Dana show some character, and return the Pulitzer, since it was based both on a non-existant story, and material gotten through espionage. Doubtful. I have as yet to8 see any Liberal show that kind of honor.

      – The other question of course is how many other people were involved in the flurry of leaks for the past few years. the next few weeks are going to be interesting to say the least. If all this turns out to be what I’ve suspected for a long time you may get to cheer as Bushs number go right back up just in time for the fall Congressional elections. Your Leftie Komrads are in a panic at that prospect.

      – Bang **==

    37. Marshall Art says:

      This is just too funny. After being turned on to this site and seeing steve bitch-slapped over here as well is absolutely fan-freakin-tastic! He just never learns. He likes it on the dark side. Pathetic.

    38. Lorica says:

      Steve Let’s go back to the first phone poll. “DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN” Ohhhh wait NO he didn’t. The first phone poll was wrong, and so have so many others since. If you live your life by polls you won’t have much better of a legacy than you boxer buddy Bill Clinton. Also should Newspapers or the MSM take polls??? No we have seen all too many times how they have cheated in their polling. Let’s face it, the “culture of corruption” really is a problem in the MSM even more than in our government – Lorica

    39. – I generally like Juan Williams, he seems like a likable enough guy, and on occassion gets it right. I can sympathize with him when he has to carry the party line at times, and is forced to defend some of the hard lefts young turk bird-brain ideas, but yesterday was a sad, sad display.

      – Appearing on FOX News Sunday, the question of McCarthy came up, and he bounced back and forth between, “well she’ll have to pay for what she did”, “She thought what she was doing was right”, and a few “she’ll be a hero”‘s thrown in. The rest of the panel was incredulous. He refused to condemn espionage.

      – So now the left has decided that our laws don’t even matter anymore. Each citizen can decide for themselves which laws they’ll obey, and which ones they’ll ignore. When our most important security positions are filled by people, depending on their political leanings, the pledges they make will no longer be of any importance. If you think this policy or that policy is wrong, you just do whatever you want.

      – These are the people that want to be given the reins of our government. Oversee our security. Defend us from nutcase ideologies that would like nothing better than to destroy our whole country. How exactly will they do that if they escew our entire form of government and laws?

      – Is it to the point where left of center Liberal Democrats are simply no longer equiped morally, or mentally, to hold public office?

      – I sure as hell don’t want people of any party, Republican or Democrat, who do not believe in our system of government in any position of importance. This is simply insane.

      – Bang **==

    40. forest hunter says:

      Well said Bang!

      After that display of Juan’s, I was wondering just what does matter to these kind of people. If they came upon a terrorist lopping the head off of someone, what it is they would actually report as having seen, apart from the “It’s Bush’s fault”.

    41. forest hunter says:

      Not to put too fine a point on what I was referring to earlier about people and perhaps especially students, not seeing the truth for what it is.

      I was having a conversation with a group of high school students yesterday about the upcoming film “Flight 93”. One of the more outspoken 17 year olds, was calling it flight 117 and was arguing that it landed safely and everyone survived.

    42. Lorica says:

      Yes Very Well Said Bang. I completely agree with you, many of these people are unfit for public office, as long as they hold onto the idea of power at any price. Go back to the sickening display at the Wellstone Memorial. The smiles and jockularity going on in the crowd of democrats was totally horrendous. The way the republicans were treated when they came to pay their repects to a worthy opponent. From that moment on I knew I would never ever vote democrat again. You could see on their faces how they believed they would win the soon coming elections because this man died. Do they believe that the American People are that stupid?? Yes you can complain about Abramhoff, but the flagrant disregard of what is right and proper, still is a monopoly of the left. – Lorica

    43. Baklava says:

      Karl made the best point at 4:01 AM

      Solitiare wrote, “illegal secret prisons are ok with you?

      Do you know enough to characterize prisons as “illegal”. I’m not thinking we own the land or the buildings. But even if we do, what makes them “illegal”? The allegation that they are by the left? If the left accused Mother Theresa of being in bed with the Bush administration would you believe it?

    44. Jim M says:


      If you just repeat something over and over again, people will start to believe it. It worked for O.J.

    45. Baklava says:

      I got the antidote Jim…:o

    46. Karl says:

      Steve, like Kerry continues to cloud the debate.

      She broke the law, regardless of everything else. The democrats are cirl;cing their wagons to protect her, as expected.

    47. solitaire says:

      Marshall Art, your thrill as seeing someone who bothers to dissent in this site “bitch-slapped” is exactly why most people won’t come here. It hasn’t been much fun trying to talk with people who are really more interested in verbally abusing you than in engaging in discussion. Perhaps you are now one of them, judging by your giddy delight. If it weren’t for Baklava’s restraint and thoughtful posts, I wouldn’t even bother myself. I do want to understand why some people still support Bush, but when I see the “bitch slapping” posts, I have to skip over them.
      They offer nothing new but perhaps creative ways of insulting strangers. That’s twelve-year-old fare.

    48. Baklava says:

      Solitaire. Hypocracy is ripe here? How can you talk about restraint and thoughtful posts when in the last few hours you had a post with the “f” word. This on top of the fact that you copy and paste information from a conspiracist at who talks about people setting off bombs to bring down the World Trade Center on 9/11. There has been nothing you’ve posted with thoughtfulness and/or restraint.

      And as for understanding why some people still support Bush… I’m not sure your goal. Are you about ideas and solutions or bringing down the popularity of a president with false allegations. There are plenty of reasons to disagree with Bush or think that his solutions are not hte right ones but where do you get off thinking that you are any better than anyone else? Does anyone support solitaire? And why? Why would anyone support solitiare? I haven’t seen any idea or solution offered by solitiare… That would be less than Bush.

      That last paragraph may be lost on you but there is a point to it.

    49. Jim M says:

      Sorry Bak but if I didn’t add that last part people like Steve(fn) wouldn’t get it you know with liberals you have to spell it out and sometimes even then they don’t get it..

      Karl, there was a saying when I was in the service was “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with Barbra Streisand” haven’t met to many brilliant liberals.

    50. Severian says:

      Bak, he’s “better” in his mind by definition, because he’s a liberal and he “cares.”

      Reminds me of Tom Lehrer’s old song “Folk Song Army:”

      Oh, we are the Folk Song Army,
      Everyone of us cares,
      We all hate poverty, war, and injustice,
      Unlike the rest of you squares.

      This was written in the early/mid ’60’s, and it’s depressing to see that nothing has changed in the last 40 years with the leftist/liberals.

    51. solitaire says:

      Bak, the F word was not directed at a poster.
      “on top of the fact that you copy and paste information from a conspiracist at who talks about people setting off bombs to bring down the World Trade Center on 9/11”.
      Bak, I have never done copied and posted anything about 9/11 conspiracy theories. I don’t believe that, and I’ve never paid any attention to it, so I don’t know where you got that idea, but you’ve expressed it twice, which I kind of resent. How about addressing me, rather than ideas of somebody you assume I agree with in all things, which I don’t.
      You asked me if the prisons were illegal. It seems that will someday be debated, but I don’t really care about who’s fine print wins, I think these prisons, and the idea behind them, to be morally wrongheaded and basically violates the concepts of freedom that I cherish. Now, if the president or his counsel find a way to declare them legal, I don’t care. Secret prisons for secret prisoners are an abomination.

    52. Baklava says:

      That makes it OK? My point stands. Restraint and thoughtful posts aren’t coming from you even though you scolded somoene else.

      solitiare wrote, “Bak, I have never done copied and posted anything about 9/11 conspiracy theories. I don’t believe that, and I’ve never paid any attention to it, so I don’t know where you got that idea, but you’ve expressed it twice, which I kind of resent.

      Ok then. There just happens to be ANOTHER solitaire on the tp site. And… on top of that …. on that site there were the exact 200 words copy and pasted. I liked to that site’s page where you copied from twice. It’d evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. I did a search on the text the day you posted it. I found 2 sites that had it and one of the sites had a poster named solitaire posting there hundreds of times. Deny all you want or go away but I’ll keep mentioning it because it was WACKY stuff. They’ve messed with your head I’m telling you.

      Solitaire wrote, “Secret prisons for secret prisoners are an abomination.” Thank you for finally admitting to what amounts to as YOUR opinion. You’ve posted quite a few serious allegations with no credentials and have FAILED in follow up posts to offer that it’s just an opinion. What you get caught up in is what amounts to is pure political attacks. Just like the NSA wiretap debate. You have alleged in your copy /paste that the president broke 10 laws (approximately)… as if you are in the know and you have credentials. But when it comes down to it you are just FULL OF HATE. YOu don’t know. There are serious people debating all of these details and they matter. I’m not sure why you hate. Is it because you’d like government to grow faster? Or wouldn’t you like to team up with centrists and stop government from growing or conservatives and shrink government? Should able-bodied people who make poor decision be subsidized by able-bodied people who have personal responsibility? The safety-net for the elderly and non-able-bodied should not be diluted by an ever growing want more services from the government mentality. The federal government is tasked by the constitution with a few things leaving all other things to the states.

    53. – Whatever else happens in the next few days, its just a matter of time before we’re treated to the latest feckless “100 good reasons its patriotic to rat out your own country” by the swamp fever minds of the left. When you start holding yourself, and your own ideas as “Superior”, and therefore not subject to honest debate or examination, nor even to the laws of the land, you move from a reasonable position of viable viewpoint to egregious arrogance shared by the Totalitarian mindset of despots exactly like Stalin.

      – It doesn’t matter that your ideas are not the same as his may have been. Your methods are, and that in itself makes you a clear and present danger to everyones liberty. If the left wants to ever begin to be taken seriously on the National political stage, they are going to need to regain “statemanship”, or they are doomed to mediocrity, shunning, and less and less gravitas with the voting public. Laugh at that idea at your own peril.

      – Bang **==

    54. – And to Solitaire I can only say, as usual you’re jostling with windmills, totally behind on your facts, and just generally arguing everything but the real issue, as is the want of the left when they know they’re hopelessly on the wrong side of the debate.

      – What part of no eveidence any such prisons exist or EVER existed don’t you understand?

      – The issue is a trusted high level CIA official letting her political ideas drive her to espionage, and lord knows how many others are out there taking a totally indefensible position of putting themselves above the law. Of course the “early” spin the left is trying is the dumbass idea that the President breaks the law when he declassifies material. This is another blatant attempt to confuse the public and try to obfuscate the issue. The President, as a part of his Constitutional duties IS the authority on all things secret, and has that authority to classify or declassify as he sees fit. Thats one of the things he has as his elected power. The left hates that because they can’t lie with immunity like Wilson did without being caught at it when the President releases the truth by declasification. So they lie, get caught, then lie some more. Someone should take the time to tell the Liberal leaders that if you live by the lie, you die by the lie. The end does NOT justify the means in a Democratic Republic. If they continue along these lines they are not going to win elections or the hearts and minds of the public, but they are definately going to suffer the consequences.

      – For myself, I shake my head at a party that would sacrifice its own peoples lives so shamelessly for their own arrogant gains. In some respects I feel badly for McCarthy. Shes a victim, whos long public service has been destroyed by vicious anti-American minds that have used her for their own agendas.

      – Bang **==

    55. steve says:

      We’re all victims. The problem is that you’all have tissue before your eyes, but believe you see clearly. Stop staring at the cave wall, turn around and walk toward the light. Peace

    56. PCD says:

      Someone summon the men in the white coats for steve(FN). He’s not making any kind of sense at all.

    57. Steve that was elegant. Says absolutely nothing, but it does have a poetic lilt to it. You’ve wandered too far from your meds again.

      – Go back to reading the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, the plagerized propaganda piece, first written and published in Czarist Russia to foment hate against the Jewish population , and later used by Hitler, that you and the rest of your bigoted anti-semites dreg up every 30 years or so, as a cover to demonize all those hated “Joooosss”.

      – People that are really interested in Peace do not go around repeating hate filled lies, and phoney Propaganda. You’re a fraud Sparky. Maybe you should try another blogsite where the people lack the education neccessary to call you on your malicious lies.

      – Bang **==

    58. solitaire says:

      Steve’s reference to the cave wall is understandable to anyone who has read Plato and Socrates, or even attended a lecture in philosophy 101. I’m sorry you don’t get it, but it doesn’t mean he’s crazy.

    59. solitaire says:

      I repeat, Bak, that I have not copied and pasted ANYTHING about 911 conspiracy theories anywhere at all. I don’t read them, I don’t relay them, I don’t repeat them, and I don’t believe them.
      That isn’t to say that I haven’t copied stuff from other places and popped them in, but not on 911 conspiracy theories. Now, if I choose to repeat something I find on this website to others, does that mean I agree with everything on the site? Does it mean that I go back and read everything that poster has said? I don’t think so. You may have rules about cutting and pasting on this site? Just say what they are, ok?

    60. Baklava says:

      I didn’t say you copy and pasted anything about 9/11 conspiracy theories. You copy and pasted something long and specific and I linked it in previous posts. It was YOU acting like you were a legal expert going on with a list of articles of impeachment stuff that Bush should be impeached for. The stuff is loony and you don’t have a handle on any of the law that you copy and pasted ABOUT. You copyied it from the same guy who posted stuff about 9/11 conspiracy theories about blowing up the WTC. I’m sorry you did. You just did. You were on that site posting 100’s of times with similar comments as this site. Funny that that specific post that you pasted is only found on 2 places on the net.

      solitaire asked, “does that mean I agree with everything on the site?

      No. I didn’t say that. But to copy and paste from a guy named RemoveBush who had the loony stuff on the SAME thread shows the depths you go to.

      I never referred to rules. I referred to your character and common sense. Both are lacking. I rarely describe ANYONE that way.

    61. – I wasn’t really questioning Steves sanity solitaire, not that it hasn’t been from time to time, but the fact, like so many other “lefties”, he tends to wander off topic regularly. And I did get the connitation. We’re all blindly wasting time paying attention to treason by one of our highest CIA officials, when we should really be after the eeeevvvvilll McChimpyBusHitler and his Zionist neocons. Or something to that effect. In other words its much more proficious in his eyes, to chase “bogeymen” than deal with a real criminal in our system. Right. Got it. Check. Next.

      – Bang **==

    62. Mary, Mary, quite idiotary…
      See how your leaks grow and grow…
      With tin-foil hats, howling moonbats…
      because of that evil Karl Rove…

      – Bang **==

    63. steve says:

      The real criminals are those that allow and make war. And if you do not believe that Rove married the neo-cons, the Zionists and the armageddonists(Christian conservatives) to elect bush and then support the illegal invasion of Iraq, you haven’t been paying attention. Without the ex-Trotskyites and Scoop Jackson warmongers, known as the neo-cons, the American Zionists like Kristol,Wolfowitz,Delay and Cheney(to name a few)and the Armageddonists led by Falwell,Robertson and Dobson, there would never have been a war in Iraq. 19 Sunni Muslims, most from Saudi Arabian crashed into the WTC and bush Pre=emptively invades Iraq and lets bin laden continue to make audio tapes as the price of gas goes to $4.00 a gallon. Good job bushie. Peace

    64. The Neocon crowd, insufferably proud….
      with they’re morals and scriptures be damn…
      We’re elitist and brave, no laws to behave…
      We prefer dear Jihadist Islam….

      They’ll call you the names, a traitor profane…
      To us you’re our hero, dear Mary….
      To us theres no shame, we’ll hail to your name….
      and follow our leader, John Wilkes Kerry….

      – Bang **==

    65. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      Nice poetry, Bang. But if you can work in something about Bush=Hitler and made it rhyme with “copulation”, you might get invited to present it at President Feingold’s inauguration in 2009. Fame and fortune (not to mention lotsa loot) can be yours!

      The Far Left tends to be big boosters of poetry – especially poems that make liberal use of the four-letter words commonly found on public toilet walls. It shows their cultural superiority. Keep this in mind while composing.

      If Russ fails to win – well, keep your day job just in case.

    66. Mwa – being from the Great state of Kalifornicate, Feingold may not even make it back to Congress the next time she has to run. A Lot of Leftloons are unhappy with her for a variety of reasons, but mostly because she doesn’t lie enough.

      – Bang **==

    67. Marshall Art says:

      Oh jeez. Another philosopher. Well Solitaire, if Plato, Socrates or Philosophy 101 has brought you and steve to where you are today, I’ll definitely steer my daughter away from those areas. It’s certainly made a buffoon of steve. My glee was a direct result of finding steve’s nonsense get the same treatment here as other sites he sullies. If that offends you, toughen up, cupcake. He’s a fraud and I don’t think his ma wants him spending so much time on her computer.

      BTW–What does the (FN) or (FS) that follows steve’s name mean? I’ve not seen those used before.

    68. solitaire says:

      My character is not known by you, Bak. I’ve tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I got insults back. Although I sometimes found your posts interesting to read, I don’t want to have to read judgements on my “character” just because I have an opinion. In fact, I really don’t need the abuse I’ve gotten on this site when I try to say something… anything, actually. So, have a good time, guys, singing your tunes to each other… I’m changing stations permanently. Neither of us will miss the other.

    69. Mwa… Make that “he”, not she….I sometimes do that when I’m writing about either of them…Feinstein or Feingold… *snort*

      – Bang **==

    70. Baklava says:

      I wrote what I perceive based on your actions. There must be a reason for my perception ??? Insults, accusations, false allegations, etc come from you initially. Stop doing it and you won’t see responses to your initial salvo.

      If your opinion is that someone conservatives are “evil” then you will get responses about the “facts” you used, false conclusions based on misinformation and speculation concerning someone’s supposed “thoughts”.

      Perhaps is better suited for your liking because you have yes men there?

      Good luck! I hope you can hear other sources of information like most of us here are experienced with doing and reason out with common sense a reasonable conclusion in the future.