6 degrees of Mary McCarthy

Posted by: ST on April 26, 2006 at 9:02 am

If you’re familiar with the game “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon” you’ll know what I mean with the above post title.

The object of the game is to, as MSNBC describes it, “connect Bacon and any other actor through the films or television shows the two have worked on in no more than six steps.”

In the case of Mary McCarthy, there are more than six “degrees” tying her to various Democrats and CIA officers and/or defenders. The Commissar has posted a graphic showing a several connections between McCarthy and Democrats, which is something you probably won’t see in the NYTimes (as Patterico notes in his post about media double standards regarding mentioning the ties people under fire have with certain political parties). Major Chaz posts a graph of connections as well.

As Tom Maguire pointed out, the NYTimes gave a brief mention about McCarthy’s $2,000 campaign contribution to Kerry in 2004, but failed to mention her 2004 campaign contribution of $5,000 to the Ohio Democratic party.

Howard Kurtz, writing in Monday’s Washington Post, agreed with NRO columnist Andy McCarthy, who took the WaPo to task for failing to mention *any* of Mary McCarthy’s campaign contributions to Democrats. Kurtz agreed that mentioning the money she’s given to Democrats was “[a]bsolutely relevant information.”

However, via Stephen Spruiell, we learn that WaPo staff writer Dafna Linzer – who was one of the two ‘main’ writers on the original WaPo story about Mary McCarthy – said in an online WaPo chat yesterday in response to the question as to why the WaPo decided not to mention McCarthy’s ties to Democrats (emphasis added):

You’re absolutely right – I’m getting a lot of questions about this. I disagree with Howie on this one. I think in his chat he said her campaign contributions go to motive but I don’t know yet what she’s done so I’m not sure how to assign motive here. Intelligence officers do not check their citizenship at the gates of Langley and like all government employees they are free to vote and make contributions – all of which is very much apart from their commitment to government service and to fulfilling the policies of any president.

But we are living in partisan times and people want a partisan, political motive and explanation for everything. I don’t think that’s reasonable. Should we publish the campaign contributions of every person who testifies before Congress, every person who briefs a president, every person who writes a policy paper or plays any role in government whatsoever or who is ever quoted in a story? We could, the information is public. But I don’t want to confuse readers or issues by throwing that into the mix unless I understand its relevance. We have reported that she worked in Clinton’s NSC and whom she has worked with and will continue to write about it.

Publishing Enron’s campaign contributions to President Bush are fair game, noting that Dick Cheney’s connection with Halliburton is justifiable, and the NY Times making a graph about the Swift Boat Vets “web of connections” to President Bush and Karl Rove is ok, but publishing McCarthy’s ties to Democrats is not important.

Double standard, anyone? Wouldn’t be the first one.

Hat tip: AllahPundit at HotAir.

Others blogging about Mary McCarthy and/or leaks in general: Jeff Goldstein, Riehl World View, Rightwinged.com, Gateway Pundit, Rick Moran, Sweetness & Light, AJ Strata, Decision ’08

Update: The WSJ posts an editorial slamming the MSM, suggesting that to some in the media certain leaks are ‘more equal’ than others.

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  • 25 Responses to “6 degrees of Mary McCarthy”


    1. steve says:

      The only reason you all care about this lady is because she wrecked the bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld plan to keep secret the prisons the CIA used to possibly torture people in. Today it was reported that the EU has found over 1000 secret CIA flights over Europe in violation of several treaties. The Republicns scream at the top of their lungs about “law and order”, yet break every law they find inconvenient. Where is the morality? Peace

    2. Baklava says:

      Great Post ST. I love the “Mind in the Qatar” graphic. Maybe it should be equal reporting. Either the press never mentions who contributed to whom because it’s not relevant or they always do it. But to pick and choose this way is telling.

      P.S. I see “someone” is posted what we “care” about as if he knew. First sentence = insult with speculation.

    3. PCD says:

      steve(FN), those EU reports also say that there are no secret prisons. Can you admit that?

      steve(FN), I know that you being a Communist means that you really hate Capitalism, and really hate the bastion of Capitalism, the US. Why do you stay here and not move to a workers’ paradise like Cuba, Russia, or Zimbabwe?

      I care about McCarthy because she broke the law. She purposely endangered Americans. She should be jailed if not more, and her supporters with her starting with John Kerry and Jay Rockefeller.

    4. Isn’t it just simply amazing how the left-wing tireless, investigative journalists, suddenly grow introspect and caution the instant they’re discussing a Democrat. Any Democrat.

      – Absolutely wonderous, watching that transformation, isn’t it. Can you say “Feckless” and use it in a sentence kiddies?

      – Bang **==

    5. Oh and Steve. what would you like them to do, after they capture some Jihadist terrorist that may have just gotten back from slaughtering a few people in a village, or planting a road side bomb, Walk all the way home with him to America.

      – You continue to be an anti-American fraud, who talks about “peace”, while supporting our enemies and rarely if ever showing any remorse for the men and women that have died so you could post your trash.

      – Bang **==

    6. PCD – He could also move to Mozambique, where LurchKerry’s wife is from. Maybe he could talk to Tar-ray-zaa before he goes, and have her put in a good word for him with the Komrads. Her Daddy started FREELIMO, the Communist party there, I’m sure she could get him a nice cushy setup where he could do pot all day and not have to work. Of course the first time he tried opening his mouth, and saying anything about the regime he’d be shot, but then you just have to take the bad with the good in the “workers paradise”.

      – Bang **==

    7. “Intelligence officers do not check their citizenship at the gates of Langley and like all government employees they are free to vote and make contributions – all of which is very much apart from their commitment to government service and to fulfilling the policies of any president.”

      – Right. Next he’ll deftly explain how espionage against your own government, turning over state secrets to reporters, and heavily contributing to the Presidents political enemies, while smiling and lying through your teeth and intentionally breaking your pledge of office, is “….commitment to government service and to fulfilling the policies of any president.”

      – Do these perfidious morons really think anyone believes this garbage?

      – Bang **==

    8. G-Monster says:

      Every single day our mainstream media loses more and more credibility. I used to think that was good. But honestly, we really do need honest journalism out there. There are so many people out there walking around with misinformation. I have so many misinformed friends and I feel sorry for them.

    9. Jim M says:

      Steve(fn) where do you get your information? Or misinformation? I don’t care what their political orientation is liberal, conservative, male or female leaking secret government information is illegal period. I can say this as I have a secret clearance with the Federal Government and go through briefings and audits to make sure all steps are taken to protect the information in my charge. The leaking of secret information not only hurts the Administration it can also jeopardize American lives around the world.

      Steve said ‘Where is the morality? Peace” Why don’t you tell that to a widow or widows or parents of one of our military personal fighting the war on terror? Why don’t you tell the widow, widowers, parents, brothers or sisters that their spouse or loved one(s) were killed because of a leak and the leakier is a patriot or a whistle blower?

      How about this since liberals love the “Hate Crimes Legislation” if it is proven that she did this because she didn’t like the Bush administration try her for a Hate Crime and double the punishment.

    10. Jim M says:

      G-Monster your friends might have blinders on so they won’t see any information that might shake their beliefs some people just can’t look at the big picture. How many times have you seen a neighbor or a friend in the opposite lane driving towards you and you wave and they don’t see you? So many people go through life with tunnel vision.

    11. Lorica says:

      I am glad that this woman is going to pay for her crime no matter what the MSM thinks. She doesn’t have a right to leak stories to the media. I just hope she starts to sing like a canary. This way Porter Goss can weed out the rest of these partisans, who believe that we are the bad guys in the WOT. Sadly we still need to get rid of the extremist leftists who are in the Justice department. The same people who gave Mr. documents in my pants a punishment that is so far below the minimum sentence that it is non-existent. They should of been prosecuted for their criminal behavior too. Then maybe we can move on to the criminals in the department of Energy for their treason. Opps was that your hard drive that just fell out of your pocket. Ohhhh so much to do so little time. – Lorica

    12. steve says:

      Off topic. –ST

    13. Walter E. Wallis says:

      How about an amnesty? Announce that all CIA workers will be given one week to resign without additional punishment if they have done any leaking and identify what and to whom they leaked. After the amnesty is over, felony prison time for all leakers and for the distributors of their leaks.

    14. – Actually Walter, they kind of do that as a part of the “Fumigation” process inside the agency. Not so much amnesty, as mitigation of possible jailtime or other punishments, if the individuals come forward voluntarily without making officials “bag them” the hard way. One thing about this is once acleanup program starts it generally lingers for years. So if Dems are hoping this will be off the radar fast, they can forget that idea. Goss could come forth with more disclosures at anytime, a day, a week, or a few months. They made Delay twist in the breeze, for no other reason than he was just too effective, now its their turn.

      – Bang **==

    15. Lorica says:

      Actually I think an amnesty program in the CIA is going to have the same effect as amnesty did in immigration. It will only encourgage more, and it will only justify in thier minds that they were right to leak information to begin with. The CIA/OSS has always worked on the shadowy side. They have to, they deal everyday with people who want to destroy us, destroy our way of life, steal the wealth of this country.

      The whole point is that we cannot second guess the stuff the CIA does to protect us on a daily basis. And the people who work for the CIA cannot second guess these things either. Not that they should be able to run torture chambers. But isn’t that why the CIA has Senate oversight to insure that things like that NEVER happen??? Also, I like how these “leakers” Never, Ever go to a member of that same oversight committee to leak their information, like they are suppose to. – Lorica

    16. Amy Proctor says:

      Double standard doesn’t begin to describe it.

      you know, my husband is an active duty soldier whose been to Iraq for a year. It’s hard to listen to this double standard crapola without wanting to throw a grenade.

      So sad.

    17. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      I am glad that this woman is going to pay for her crime no matter what the MSM thinks.

      This rubs a certain wound raw. Lorica, while I hope otherwise I am not sure that McCarthy is going to end up paying for anything. The MSM and the Democrats are already starting to circle the wagons around her (the Nixon and Clinton administrations would be green with envy). This is of course the worst possible news for McCarthy – when the MSM defend a Democrat by claiming their actions were “a matter of conscience”, that is MSM-speak for “they did it”. But will anyone in authority actually have the guts to hold McCarthy accountable for her crimes and put her behind bars where she belongs?

      I am under whelmed by the Bush administration’s ability to defend itself in the face of open deceit by the MSM on past issues (Iraq, WMD, Social Security reform, the economy, energy policy). Bush has missed opportunity after opportunity to rub the MSM’s collective noses in the Pulitzer-winning prevarications that make up modern journalism. Why is that?

      Bush should have (for example) been touting every single day the recently translated documents that show Saddam’s illegal WMD programs and al Qaeda connections. He should have revoked all of the White House press corps credentials right after the ’04 elections (if they want back in the White House, let them take a tour) and taken his case directly to the people and journalists who are not too partisan to listen to new ideas (what would the MSM have done – held their breaths and stuck out their tongues?). He and his administration have to take their case directly to the people and do it every single day.

      Would it have made a difference? Maybe not. But I think that Bush would at least be no worse off than he is now, and he would have done the country an invaluable service in the process.

      Will the administration actually grow a spine in this case and prosecute McCarthy to the fullest extent of the law? Given what has (not) happened in the past I have little hope the future will be different.

    18. forest hunter says:

      Mwalimu, this may have been one of your best efforts yet, at identifying additional clear cut directions for this administration, in the should’a, would’a, could’a department.

      The fact that there is no shortage of fools that require being shown everything, everyday and because they can’t think for themselves, NEED constant A/V feeding. The sad part is that the lefty dimwits, as dumb as they are, have a firm grasp of it and UUUUSE it.

    19. – I fully agree Mwa. Some of us in the blogoshpere as a group gave the WH all they needed in the way of telltale evidence and leads in the RatherGate affair, and for reasons of the better good of the country, (you don’t want to completely destroy a Presidential election cycle), they choose not to follow the trail all the way back to the rats in the DNC.

      – But if the Admin whimps out this time I’m going to have to assume Buah just isn’t serious about protecting himself or taking Law breaking seriously.

      – Bang **==

    20. – Whoa…..theres typo’s and then theres typo’s. “I totally agree…..” – Please correct ST – Yikes

      – Bang **==