World Trade Center movie – will you see it?

Posted by: ST on August 3, 2006 at 10:19 am

The Oliver Stone-directed movie World Trade Center will open next Wednesday in theaters nationwide. There has been a considerable buzz about the movie in the MSM, and conservative pundits like Cal Thomas and Brent Bozell are giving it high marks.

The MSM buzz and conservative punditry praising the movie hasn’t impressed ST reader and blogger extraordinaire Cavalier X, who explains in a moving post why he won’t be standing in line to see the movie:

Regardless of the movie’s bias or lack of same, it was made by notorious anti-American director Oliver Stone, who never met a Communist dictator he didn’t like, and who referred to the terrorist attacks as “the revolt of September 11th.” The movie also features actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, who believes the United States is “responsible in some way” for 9/11. People like that don’t deserve a dime of my hard-earned American cash, nor do the anti-American causes which some of that money will ultimately fund. I don’t need to watch Hollywood half-wits faking shock and sorrow they may have felt for perhaps a few seconds at best before they began blaming America for being the victim of terrorism.

My memories of 9/11 have not yet begun to fade. I almost wish they would. I will be able to see those people falling — or worse, jumping — out of those windows any time I close my eyes for the rest of my life. When I travel to north New Jersey or New York City, I’m still unable to stop myself from searching the now-unfamiliar skyline for towers where none now exist.

He’s got some video recommendations for anyone who shares his opinion on Stone’s latest movie venture. Make sure to check ’em out.

For the record, yours truly hasn’t decided whether or not she’s going to see it yet. The jury is still out. I’d planned on seeing United 93 when it came out this spring, but I never could bring myself to go to the theater to watch it. Honestly, I didn’t think I would be able to handle it emotionally.

Will you be seeing the World Trade Center movie?

Related: Michelle Malkin has info on some BBC ‘comedians’ who apparently think things like 9-11, and terrorism in general, are ‘funny.’


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  • 16 Responses to “World Trade Center movie – will you see it?”


    1. WildPonyMom says:

      Count me out. I didn’t see Flight 93 either. I think rather than make movies out of what happened, they should replay the events as they actually occured, on National television … so we don’t forget.

    2. One day I might like to have the stomach to watch these movies, but I’m no where near “one day” yet.

      Too often people get their history lessons from movies. Stones are the worst source (not that there are good ones).

    3. Kitty C says:

      Yes-Flight 93 was very emotional. I cried and closed my eyes at some of the violent parts. The movie helped my understanding of the confusion that occured. It also fueled my hatred towards the barbaric and primitive fanatics that started this war. See the movie if you think 911 is at fault.

    4. Karl says:

      I have no intention of seeing it, but that could change.

      I did not go see flt 93 either.

    5. benning says:

      Not I. Not one thin dime of my hard-earned cash will go to Oliver Stone. Ever.**==

    6. Fat Tone says:

      Just pay for another movie and then go into WTC….that way you have not put one cent into their pockets, but have still quenched your curiosity.

    7. sanity says:

      I will wait for the dvd.

      I am sick of hollywood.

      Notice how they are tightening their belts now?

      Notice how “celebrities” are having ot take less money for their work on films?

      Notice how movie receipts ae drying up and more people wait for DVDs?

      Not that there has been any real good movies out in a while. Some mediocre ones, but for hte most part millons of dollars get spent and they slap together garbage for us to see and we say, “no thanks”.

      Plus the more hollyweirdos plaster their faces all over the place trying to force feed us their political view points because of their celeb status….well it just gets old fast and we get sick of seeing them and their rediculous antics.

    8. CavalierX says:

      What’s a “blogger extraordinaire?” Is it French? :p

    9. I heard that the French don’t have a word for “extraordinaire” =))

    10. Drewsmom says:

      I have Direct TV sat, I will probably buy it off there, alot cheaper than going to the movies but I heard it has recieved rotten early reviews.:-?

    11. CavalierX says:

      >I heard that the French don’t have a word
      >for “extraordinaire”

      Sure they do. They just don’t want to admit it’s “américain.” >:)

    12. Melissa In Texas says:

      I got free tickets through a radio station in Austin, to a sneak peek last night to see World Trade Tower .
      I would not have paid to see it.
      I abhor Oliver Stone and his conspiracy theories.
      I was absolutely shocked that even when opportunity was ripe in the plot, to slant it liberally, it never came.
      It was a surprisingly good movie.
      It was heartbreaking, to see the incidents all over again. It was intense and from what I understand, truthful, according to reports of the event. They were asking for people’s opinions as they came out of the theater and the full gamut was run, as was heard with Flight 93 (which I also saw). It is too soon to see. It was too painful, It brought back too many memories, We just want to forget what happened…

      It was sad, it was hopeful and at times funny, which I found surprising. I, like many others, cried when the towers were shown, whole and intact in a panoramic view from the harbor, (I leaned over to my husband and whispered, “Good God I miss that sight”) then again when they were hit, and as the buildings collapsed. OK, I cried quite a bit!
      For these people out there who say it is too soon and they want to forget what happened…
      Wake up!
      Truthfully folks, who out there believes that the islamofacists are not out there actively plotting to strike us again?
      We must not forget.

      Sometimes messages come from the strangest corners. This was a movie I will never forget seeing.

      It held to the hope of life in the midst of horror.

      Again, I was quite surprised.

    13. Melissa In Texas says:

      BTW, please note:
      I would never spend a dime to see anything Stone has put out!

    14. Marshall Art says:

      I haven’t seem Flight 93, and I’m not sure I want to because of the emotional considerations. I haven’t heard a negative review of it yet.

      Stone’s movie is a different situation all together (or is it “altogether”?). I read Cal Thomas’ review of the film, but I have also heard that the tone of the movie is one of survival, human spirit, and other such feel good adjectives. But that is not the point of the event. The point was that we were attacked by lunatics who were a part of a larger group of lunatics who still want to cause us catastrophic destruction. If the movie doesn’t show that, if it doesn’t show the resolve felt by millions right after the event to fight these bastards, then Stone is spinning the tragic episode, just as he’s spun other moments in American history. And no, I don’t want to put a dime in his hate-America pocket either.

    15. CavalierX says:

      >I would not have paid to see it.
      >I abhor Oliver Stone and his conspiracy theories.

      >BTW, please note:

      Someone paid. Stone got his money from the radio station instead, that’s all.