World Trade Center movie – will you see it?

The Oliver Stone-directed movie World Trade Center will open next Wednesday in theaters nationwide. There has been a considerable buzz about the movie in the MSM, and conservative pundits like Cal Thomas and Brent Bozell are giving it high marks.

The MSM buzz and conservative punditry praising the movie hasn’t impressed ST reader and blogger extraordinaire Cavalier X, who explains in a moving post why he won’t be standing in line to see the movie:

Regardless of the movie’s bias or lack of same, it was made by notorious anti-American director Oliver Stone, who never met a Communist dictator he didn’t like, and who referred to the terrorist attacks as “the revolt of September 11th.” The movie also features actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, who believes the United States is “responsible in some way” for 9/11. People like that don’t deserve a dime of my hard-earned American cash, nor do the anti-American causes which some of that money will ultimately fund. I don’t need to watch Hollywood half-wits faking shock and sorrow they may have felt for perhaps a few seconds at best before they began blaming America for being the victim of terrorism.

My memories of 9/11 have not yet begun to fade. I almost wish they would. I will be able to see those people falling — or worse, jumping — out of those windows any time I close my eyes for the rest of my life. When I travel to north New Jersey or New York City, I’m still unable to stop myself from searching the now-unfamiliar skyline for towers where none now exist.

He’s got some video recommendations for anyone who shares his opinion on Stone’s latest movie venture. Make sure to check ’em out.

For the record, yours truly hasn’t decided whether or not she’s going to see it yet. The jury is still out. I’d planned on seeing United 93 when it came out this spring, but I never could bring myself to go to the theater to watch it. Honestly, I didn’t think I would be able to handle it emotionally.

Will you be seeing the World Trade Center movie?

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