Joe Wilson: Liar liar, pants on fire – VIDEO

Posted by: ST on August 29, 2006 at 6:02 pm

How does it feel now, Joe, to know that you’ve clearly and irrefutably been proven to be a grandstanding, cocktail party circuit liar on the issue of the alleged ‘deliberate’ outing of your wife? Money quote from Wilson is a minute 45 secs into the clip (the interview, btw, was taped long before the Isikoff’s and Corn’s revealing Armitage as the ‘leaker’):

Wonder how the revelation about Armitage will affect Mrs. Wilson’s book promo lawsuit against the admin?

Update I: Tom Maguire examines today’s WaPo coverage of this latest development in l’affaire de Plame. He takes David Corn to task here.

Update II: Here are Hitch’s thoughts on the Armitage revelation. (Hat tip: Anchoress)

Update III: AJ Strata slams Fitz. Captain Ed asks: “Who Won From The Plame Fallout?

Update IV: This one’s for you, Joe. The song is called “Lies”:

Lyric snippet:
lies lies lies yeah (they’re gonna get you)
lies lies lies yeah (they won’t forget you)
lies lies lies yeah (they’re gonna get you)


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  • 13 Responses to “Joe Wilson: Liar liar, pants on fire – VIDEO”


    1. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      With his credibility shot, reputation in tatters, and professional career exposed as a lie, “Yellowcake Joe” could become the Democrats’ hottest prosect for Congress. After all, a little murderer named Ted Kennedy rode a far worse reputation to umpteen terms in the Senate.

      What location does this buttinski call “home”, anyway? If he lists Teheran or the Peoples’ Republic of North Korea on his tax returns, I expect him and his Vanity Fair-head wife to move to a receptive congressional district/state and run for Representative/Senator. And it does not have to stop there.

      Joe Wilson for President in 2008? Remember – you heard it here first!

    2. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      That is “Tehran”, of course! :">

    3. Good to see you posting, Mwalimu! \:d/

    4. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      Thanks ST! With our school opening last week I have been ultra-busy the last month.

    5. Big Bang Hunter says:

      – Wilson is small peanuts, and an obvious lying political hack. What a lot of people want to know is why the hell Fitzhead pursued this at all when he clearly had to know the perp within weeks after Novaks column. Could there be a clearer case of “witchhunt with a license” than this whole scam, and what was his motives? I’d look for a payoff of some sort from the Dem side of things. Either that or he’s dumber than a plastic spoon.

      – Looking back, the Rove/Administration “quiet resolve” through the entire circus indicates they knew the facts also, and choose to just let the Libtards really hang themselves, along with the MSM. Wonder how soon we’ll be seeing apologies from all the Dem yapping dog leadership and the NYT. Be interesting to see what “scoop” Leopold/Ashe will come up with next.

      – Bang **==

    6. Great White Rat says:

      Bang says:

      Wonder how soon we’ll be seeing apologies from all the Dem yapping dog leadership and the NYT.

      Right about the same time they start playing hockey in Hades. These people do not know the meaning of the word “apologize”. Well, OK, that and lot of other words…

      It would warm my heart to see Joe Wilson frog-marched out to be arraigned on a raft of charges. Call it a reverse Fitzmas. But since the entire investigation is now clearly nothing more than a Dem political circus, I’m not holding my breath waiting.

    7. Lorica says:

      God this man can just blah, blah, blah a person to death. I am so glad that he has been proven incorrect. One of the problems with people who think so highly of themselves is that once they come to a conclusion, they are the only right person in the entire room. I feel this is what Wilson was thinking thru this whole thing, and now he has to deal with the rude awakening that he was wrong.

      My thing is, if he was on a CIA fact finding mission, he does not have the right to just write an editorial on that mission. I am surprised that he has not been brought up on charges for breaking a confidentiality agreement. We shall see. I am just glad this just might be finished. – Lorica

    8. Night Rider says:

      Let me see, so this whole thing started from Richard Armitage letting the name loose and then on top of that Honest Joe Wilson (satire) was lieing his buns off about the yellow cake and then when Honest Joe finds out about his wife’s name was leaked he automatically goes in to frantic rave over the Bush Administration doing this.
      This plot gets very thick, lots of thanks to people Like Christopher Hitchens for not letting up on this case either. My oh my what lies the left weaves to totally decieve.:-w:-w

    9. Big Bang Hunter says:

      – MSM Liberal lap dogs apoligize…. Lets put it this way GWR. I’d be more surprised if that happened than if a 25 mile in diameter Meteroid hits the earth in the next five minutes.

      – Bang **==

    10. Drewsmom says:

      Oh, how I would love to see a perp walk with all the leading players, but the msm will NOT TALK ABOUT THIS, I’VE CHECKED AND THEY AIN’T AND THE WON’T.
      But the sane American are listening and there is no doubt this was a big HOAX and we need to talk it up till our jaws get broken.:d:-w