Salt Lake City Mayor: Hatin’ Bush, admirin’ Cindy Sheehan – and proud of it

Posted by: ST on August 29, 2006 at 9:02 am

The Salt Lake Tribune reports:

Offended by Rocky Anderson’s plans to protest President Bush this week, the Utah Republican Party is waging a public-relations campaign urging Utahns to call the mayor and tell him to “stop embarrassing” the state.

And while Utahns have listened – flooding City Hall with almost 300 calls and overwhelming the phone system – Anderson hasn’t.

Salt Lake City’s mayor isn’t altering his protest plans. “Given the nastiness of some of these people, it actually just bolsters my resolve,” said Anderson, who previously alleged that the “real embarrassment” is Utahns’ unwavering support of Bush.

The GOP acknowledged that its push, sending out thousands of voice-mail messages to Republicans and running ads on about 20 radio stations around the state, wouldn’t change Anderson’s mind.

“This is all about letting the rest of Utah have a voice to counter his voice,” said Utah Republican Party Executive Director Jeff Hartley. “We want to make sure the rest of Utah at least lets him know they disagree with his behavior. It may not change his behavior, but he will at least know he doesn’t get a free pass when he embarrasses the state.”

Hartley said party headquarters and Republican elected officials have received “dozens” of calls from people upset Anderson is speaking at the protest and invited Cindy Sheehan to join him. Since Sheehan’s son died in Iraq in 2004, she has become a national face of the anti-war movement.

Ads started running Monday with heavy play in Utah’s rural counties, where residents are “hopping mad this man is representing our state to the world,” Hartley said.

City Hall was inundated with calls Monday and hired three temporary workers to handle them.

One of the great things about America is that the SLC mayor has the right to do this (even though that doesn’t make it right to do). Another great thing about America is that I (and you) have a right to view him as just another anti-war Bush-hating moonbat who holds a local office and who thinks it’s cool to use his position in order to voice his opposition to the President and/or his policies in the most embarassing of ways.

Grow up, Mayor Anderson.


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  • 6 Responses to “Salt Lake City Mayor: Hatin’ Bush, admirin’ Cindy Sheehan – and proud of it”


    1. Jim M says:

      The Anti-War Peace at any price moonbats, idiots, numskulls that squeak squawk and spew their uneducated opinion do have that right under the First Amendment. Unfortunately when these people start clucking we have some people in the MSM that listen and give these idiots a platform by regurgitating the uneducated garbage. Those of us that have educated ourselves from several sources from history to articles from the Solders in the field don’t have to listen and that is our right. Anyone is guaranteed the right to freedom of speech but there is no guarantee that people have to listen.

      Unfortunately these idiots have been around even before our battle for Independence they would have rather stayed under British rule and lived with the Taxes. These same unthinking people have crawled out of the woodwork before WW1 and WW2 and other conflicts would rather be ruled by who ever than fight for freedom. Remember these people do not use logical thought process they ignore that (or are not equipped to think) and use their feelings.

    2. benning says:

      True, Jim M. The Moonbats you will always have with you.

      How this oddball managed to win in SLC is a mystery. Can he win re-election?

    3. Big Bang Hunter says:

      – I would question the mayors right to use tax payer money in any political agenda based ad campaign. Is that Legal?

      – Bang **==

    4. Marshall Art says:

      I do have to say, that from my visits to other blogs, that though it doesn’t match the lib sites for shear numbers, there are those on the right who will go over the top, get nasty in their rhetoric, and just bascially act like jerkwad libs when they confront someone like this guy. I can empathize with the level of frustration felt by these angry brothers and sisters, but aside from comedic effect (and that can be tricky), taking the high road is essential. I say this based on his quote regarding the nastiness of some who called him. Sure, he may be making stuff up, but as I said, I’ve witnessed such and it doesn’t help the argument. In fact, it makes guys like this feel they’re right, which is just what he said. We all know he’s a horse’s ass, but still…

    5. SLC BLUE says:

      Rocky is my hero. His speech was based on FACTS and the TRUTH. It was not pretty but the situations that this president has gotten us into is not pretty. We need MORE leaders who speak the truth from their heart and soul like Mayor Anderson.

      Watch his entire speech here and get the TRUTH