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October 29, 2006

As expected, Olbermann defends Webb’s smut books, but a year ago he slammed a similar type book of Scooter Libby’s

When I blogged earlier this week about the Allen campaign releasing selected excerpts of books written by Jim Webb, I made clear that I didn’t think the book excerpts were a big deal. Were they sexually bizarre? Yes. But were excerpts of fictional books relevant to this race? No......   [Read More]

NYT writes a second endorsement for Ned Lamont – cites “growing sophistication about the issues” as a factor

With Nutroots candidate Ned Lamont’s campaign going nowhere fast, the NYT is pulling out all the stops in order to try and help him gain some momentum in the polls, going into the elections in just over a week. The latest poll taken in the CT Senate race shows Lieberman with a 12 point lead. Quinnipac has him up by 17......   [Read More]