MJ Fox hasn’t even read Amendment 2

Ian has the video and transcript of the admission (emphasis added):

Stephanopoulos: In the ad now running in Missouri, Jim Caviezel speaks in Aramaic. It means, “You betray me with a kiss.” And his position, his point, is that actually even though down in Missouri they say the initiative is against cloning, it’s actually going to allow human cloning.

Fox: Well, I don’t think that’s true. You know, I campaigned for Claire McCaskill. And so I have to qualify it by saying I’m not qualified to speak on the page-to-page content of the initiative. Although, I am quite sure that I’ll agree with it in spirit, I don’t know, Iβ€” On full disclosure, I haven’t read it, and that’s why I didn’t put myself up for it distinctly.


Michael, in case you’re wondering what the specs of the bill state, and why Jim Talent (and others who agree with him, like me) don’t support it, click here.

Update I – 8:47 PM: McCaskill and Talent are now tied in the polls. The last poll had Talent up by two. Is the Fox ad making an impact?

Update II – 11:00 PM: Opinion Mill looks at some other things Fox said in the interview, and helps steer the debate back to where it should be. (Hat tip: ST reader DS)

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