Concrete proof that the media will make a ‘controversy’ out of anything

As you may have already heard by now, it was reported yesterday that the First Lady had a small skin cancer tumor removed from her right knee in early November. The MSM has managed to turn this news into a manufactured ‘controversy’ because it wasn’t revealed until yesterday.

Ian at Hot Air has the video of White House Press. Sec. Tony Snow trying to calm down a press corps that was foaming at the mouth with rage over why they weren’t told (transcript here).

The mediots are actually comparing this to the Cheney hunting accident from earlier this year and as we all remember, they totally flipped out because they didn’t know about the incident until a day after it happened. While they may have had a minor point on Quailgate, they have none here as it relates to the First Lady. They’re upset for two reasons, it seems: one, that they weren’t the first ones to know about her surgery and two that she’s not turned herself into an advocate for cures for skin cancer.

Contrast this treatment of the delay in the announcing of Mrs. Bush’s surgery to how the media treated former Senator and almost-VP of the country John Edwards’ wife Elizabeth, who held off announcing that she had breast cancer (she found out in October 2004) until after the 2004 elections. Mrs. Edwards wrote a memoir about her struggle with cancer and the loss of her son, and the in this Newsweek interview she’s asked why she decided to share something ‘so personal’ with others. Apparently, though, Laura Bush’s personal health matters are treated as though they should be a matter of public record. Double standards, anyone?


More: Jason at Texas Rainmaker makes an excellent point here:

I find it downright hilarious that the MSM is making such a big deal about Laura Bush’s choice not to make a grand public spectacle about her having a discolored mole removed from her leg.

Why, you ask?

Because this is the same MSM that tried to tell us for years that a President having an adulterous affair with a member of his staff in the White House is a private matter.

So many double standards, so little time to talk about ’em …

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