VIDEO: More from KC Star columnist Jason Whitlock on the Imus ‘scandal’ (ADDED:THE LATEST WHITLOCK COLUMN)

Yesterday in my general commentary post on the Imus scandal and the dropped charges against the Duke lacrosse players, I referenced a column from Jason Whitlock, who writes for the Kansas City Star, who I think nailed the REAL problem that has come out of the Imus/Rutgers ‘controversy’, and that is, that the real bad guy in all this isn’t Don Imus but instead “gangster culture.”

Last night, Whitlock was a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show on MSNBC and slammed home several points from his column and then some – and dare I insert a “Toldjah so” in here somewhere? ;) Here’s video of his appearance:

In related news:

—– The Rutgers women’s basketball team is “in the process of forgiving” Don Imus. Whew! I’ll sleep better tonight.

—– The Wall Street Journal has a feature today on how the Imus ‘scandal’ got to be so huge. Media Matters, a Soros-run organization, is featured prominently in the story as the catalyst for the hysteria that eventually ensued. No wonder in the aftermath, the Nutroots at Media Matters were trying to paint Imus as a conservative.

—– One radio station is bucking the “drop Imus” trend and airing a “best of Imus” series next week.

—– The pastor of the church the coach for the Rutgers team attends says an apology isn’t good enough:

While team members respected Imus’ willingness to apologize, they wanted him to understand how they were hurt, said Rev. DeForest Soaries, Stringer’s pastor, who joined the meeting. Imus tried to explain what he meant, “but there was really no explanation that they could understand,” Soaries said on NBC’s “Today” show.

“An apology is appropriate for an insult,” he said. “But restitution is necessary for an injury.”

Injury? Restitution? Were these women assaulted by Don Imus? Oh wait, I know – it was an “emotional assault.” 8-|

—– And finally, Allah’s got a link roundup of misc. commentary on both the Imus story and the lacrosse news, including a plea from Tom DeLay to have Rosie O fired if Imus has to go. An interesting sidenote to that is that Rosie has been defending Imus the last couple of weeks – a little worried, are we, Rosie?

(Hat tip for a couple of links in this post: ST reader sanity)

Update I: Think you know everything there is to know about Al Sharpton’s racist history? Think again. This article is an eye-opener. If you don’t read anything else this weekend, make sure to read this one. It’s longish, but well worth the read.

Update II: Here’s Whitlock’s latest column. This guy’s on a roll.

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