The moral bankruptcy of Jimmy Carter

Posted by: ST on May 19, 2007 at 10:04 pm

The former president turned full time meddler has once again lashed out against the President, in his harshest denounciation yet:

Former President Carter says President Bush’s administration is “the worst in history” in international relations, taking aim at the White House’s policy of pre-emptive war and its Middle East diplomacy.

The criticism from Carter, which a biographer says is unprecedented for the 39th president, also took aim at Bush’s environmental policies and the administration’s “quite disturbing” faith-based initiative funding.

“I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history,” Carter told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in a story that appeared in the newspaper’s Saturday editions. “The overt reversal of America’s basic values as expressed by previous administrations, including those of George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon and others, has been the most disturbing to me.”

He also took another shot (the prior one is here) at outgoing British Priminister Tony Blair:

Asked how he would judge Blair’s support of Bush, the former president said: “Abominable. Loyal. Blind. Apparently subservient.”

Carter and ArafatIsn’t it very telling that the same former president who routinely takes up for and makes excuses for Palestinian terrorists, including the Hamas terrorist organization – while trying to undermine the United States by bringing Cuba to the UN human rights table – doesn’t extend that same benefit of the doubt to his own country’s government?

This is the moral bankruptcy Jimmy Carter brings to the table every time he opens his mouth to denigrate the President while siding with the Jew-hating terrorists who comprise Hamas. Via extension, Carter, sadly, is representative of so many other modern day Democrats when it comes to denouncing this administration while downplaying the threats we face overseas, essentially saying that it’s President Bush who is the bigger threat than actual terrorists who want to kill us.

As far as the “worst administration in history” bit, I wonder if Carter happens to have a mirror handy for the next time he says that, especially considering the fact that not only does he continue to make excuses for terrorists but former officials in his own adminstration are doing the same thing?

“There you go again.”

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  • 30 Responses to “The moral bankruptcy of Jimmy Carter”


    1. Lanie says:


      So Jimmy Carter is calling BUSH the worst president in history??? That’s priceless.

    2. Severian says:

      Peanuthead speaks! The amount of damage Carter has done to both the country and world with his continuing meddling is amazing, but he keeps on like the Energizer Bunny of despair. There is no justice in the world, Reagan gets Alzheimer’s, while Peanuthead gets the leftist/marxist version of Tourette’s Syndrome and runs his mouth constantly to the detriment of everyone. :-w

    3. benning says:

      I heard this on the news and posted, too. What a grumpy, mean, old man. Yeesh!

    4. Tano says:

      He is right, of course.

      It aint just Dems anymore, a majority of Americans agree that Bush has been a disaster, especially in foreign policy.

      I wonder what it would take for all of you here to finally understand. Think about, and put America ahead of your partisanship, or your ego? Hey, most of us have been wrong about things in our life, even big things. The important thing is to learn from the experience.

    5. Drewsmom says:

      What the hell!!
      How dare jimmah, the real worst president in the history of the US, say anything about ANNBODY.
      This clown, under his watch, kept our guys and gals held captive for how long and what about 11% interest rates and gas shortages.
      He just burn my buns. He is a total leftoid idiot and needs to keep his damn mouth shut unless he can say one thing that is construtive.
      Benning, do you have a site, please provide me with the name or am I being dumb again?

    6. Tango says:

      There have been rumors circulating that Mme Pelosi and several other prominent leftists have been getting what amounts to “marching orders” from Mr Carter. When you consider the Dem “alternate foreign policy” they’re trying to push around the world (and especially in the Middle East) -I think it’s probably true. How else do you explain Mme Pelosi’s trip to Damascus? Or her stupid comment that “the road to peace leads through Damascus?” And then there’s Pinky Reid’s famous “the war is lost!” I’m sure there are other examples. But in then end, they smack of Carter-ism. :-?

    7. Tom TB says:

      There have only been 42 individuals as POTUS, (counting Cleveland once), there never have been more than a handful of living ex-presidents at any one time, and there never has been an ex-president who has done more to try to undermine the authority of a sitting president than Jimmy Carter. Some historical legacy!

    8. Great White Rat says:

      ST, sorry to go off topic, but there’s no weekend open thread and there’s a news article in front of me that has me steaming and needs to be highlighted, big time. Please move this if you think there’s a better place for it. Thanks – GWR

      Sorry about that, GWR! I just created an open thread and moved your post there. –ST

    9. Lorica says:

      I agree with Sev. I wish the Lord would of took Jimmy home instead of Jerry Falwell. – Lorica

    10. # 9 says:

      We are still paying for the Carter Presidency. Carter’s new stance on Israel shows his true colors. He will continue to seek attention to the very end.

    11. I think Carter should go back to building houses for the poor. Worst administration indeed.

      Tano, why don’t you prove that Carter’s administration was better than Bush’s? You know, unemployment, interest rates, health of the economy, state of the military. Show us proof and we’ll start listening.

    12. Glenn M. Cassel,AMH1(AW), USN, RET says:

      I was on active duty in the US Navy during the carter administration. Can you say Vietman era second-class citizen status? No jimmy, you were the worst. And sir, you were a Naval Officer. I would have expecte3d better. Even when I retired when hilbilly Bill was CinC, it was better and Billl didn’t like us either. Maybe it was Hillary?

    13. daveinboca says:

      This is a case of GWB being called ugly by a frog. Carter’s record is so miserable he had a 21% approval rating in July 1980—ten points below GWB’s lowest.

      Carter makes a fool of himself every few months or so and is in the bottom five of all US presidents—maybe Buchanan & Pierce below—make that the bottom three!!

    14. Poet says:

      Outstanding recap, Sister, of the one of the most blantantly partisan comments by a former president that I have ever read.

      The former president Carter continues his march toward proving not only that he was unworthy of the office, but that he is incapable of observing the protocols which even former President Clinton abides by. The alumni of the Office of the President comprise a very small group. Carter continues to prove his lack of worth.

      And worse than any of that, he is simply dead wrong in his assessment … unless of course correct is defined as furthering what is wrong with the partisan divide AND the fact that his words run counter to the goal of military success in a foreign foray.

      But surely I gest. Mr. Carter support out troops and America? How silly of me to assume ….

    15. Baklava says:

      Vegas Art Guy,

      Proof ? Facts ? You are just a partisan hack !! Tano just speaks his feelings…. He knows that Bush is worse than the terrorists….

      And we all just need to get on board and make it 100% dissaproval rating dispite the facts… ALL because Tano disagrees with the 4 year old decision to go to war in Iraq. Way to be stuck in the past Tano…

      Moving forward to the present… If we remove troops before the job is done the country has a very likely chance of having a humanitarian crisis. There are over 50 times where that kind of thing has happened in history. We should not repeat it. We should be responsible and finish the job.

    16. Tano says:

      I am not saying that Carter was a very good president. But he was a lot better than Bush. He had a very major foreign policy accomplishment – brokering the first break in the Arab hostility to Israel – an enduring peace treaty with the largest Arab neighbor. He also began the policy of supporting the the Afghan resistance to the Soviets that was further pursued by Reagan and which eventually drove the Soviets out.

      On the economy, the major problem was driven by oil prices, and the inflationary pressures that were present long before he got there (most of you I imagine are too young to remember the WIN program, under Ford). Carter was the one who made the decisive decision that solved the economic malaise – by appointing Paul Volker to the Fed with a mandate to bleed the inflation out of the economy thru monetary policy.

      What has Bush accomplished besides the enormous blunder of Iraq – with its subsequent decimation of the Army, and destruction of our global power and reputation? The federalization of education thru NCLB? Is that an accomplishment? Or the Medicare drug program? Or the SocSec reform that wasnt? OR the addition of a few trillion dollars of debt for our kids and grandkids to pay off, with interest? The politicization of the Justice department? The turning over of regualtion-writing to lobbyists for the industries being regulated?

      Carter was a terrible political leader, in all the atompsherics that define real leadership – the ability to inspire confidence and trust amongst the people. But his policies were a mixed bag, with some that were very good. I predict a serious re-evaluation of his presidency, as has been happening recently with Ike. I don’t think Carter will be seen as being as good as Ike, but a lot better than his present rep, and immensly better than Bush.

    17. Baklava says:

      Tano wrote, “But he was a lot better than Bush.

      That is an opinion that isn’t based on facts, nor based on an analysis of each of the president’s solutions towards problems. Carter continues to this day to NOT understand how the economy works and puts forward solutions that grow the government spending and taxation which would cause MORE harm, MORE pain, MORE unemployment, MORE death, etc (would you argue that worse economies don’t cause more death?)

      If you want to argue that the high inflation/prices were there long before he got there that is a fair argument. But it DOES NOT change the fact that Carter puts forth policies that would exacerbate inflation, costs, growth of government and unemployment.

      The beginning to your third question has quite the bunch of premises that we’d have to agree to to answer your question.

      The facts are that presidents do very little. They propose and sign legislation that the Congress prepared. They make executive orders. But it does show that the sources of information that you read are far to the negative.

      I disagree with Bush probably more than I agree with him because Bush governs and executes to the left of center on many issues.
      For instance the Bush administration has spent more per year on climate change than any other president and more than any other nation. Yet he gets bashed by the negative people who don’t report yet state opinions not based on truth.

      For instance the Bush administration has proposed and pushed for a gigantic improvement in the way Social Security is implemented. The negative folks do not report and instead make MISSTATEMENT after misstatement causing people to be against something based on misinformation.

      For instance the Bush administration did push through a Prescription Drug program – a new program of spending which can contribute to his governing to the left of center – YET the program does have some market forces still and does have higher contributions by beneficiaries of the program based on income/wealth etc. The Democrat program would’ve cost much more and had LITTLE incentive for cost containment other than rationing which would NEVER happen because votes are power.

      I could go on with a bunch of leftist leaning policies that were implemented under Bush or proposed by him. What you don’t read because of your negative sources is only a contributor to you being negligent. You can continue to be negligent – and I know you probably will as it is a pattern that is only broken by very few leftists – or you can continue on with your negativism. Your choice. Keeping in mind I myself disagree with Bush’s proposed policies more than 1/2 the time.

      You would HATE to see a true conservative running – as this government has grown every year for over 6 decades in EVERY category of spending. The spigot would be turned off, the government would live with the pot of money it has – there would be no more growth in government for 10 years and a reprioritization of spending would go on for those 10 years if I were president.

      Over the last 30 years spending on the military has gone from 50% of the budget to 20%. Over those same 30 years the big 3 entitlements have gone from 20% of the budget to 51% of government spending.

      On the local side of things, almost every state has increased education spending to be more than 50% of their state’s budget yet people are screaming for more spending on education and putting bumper stickers on their cars that say, “if you think education is expensive try ignorance”. People here in CA just voted yes on bonds that EQUAL an entire budget year of spending last November. Think about that. We leftists here in CA just DOUBLED our spending. with one election. And Arnold was for the bond measures….

      There is no satiating leftists. We can only try to reason with them and convert them before the country is destroyed by them.

      The constitutions calls for the federal government to provide national security. That should be the priority. All other spending can be left to the states. The entitlements (I work for one in IT) go to illegal immigrants and are a huge magnet and cost us more than illegal immigrants provide for us. If we take that entire amount and apply it towards lettuce costs we’ll find that we can handle the distorted market prices of lettuce ourselves easily. Health costs, prison costs, educations costs, entitlement costs are all much higher because of “illegal” immigrants. The federal government is FAILING in this national security roll.

      I disagree with Bush’s approach to illegal immigration but it isn’t far from any other recent president’s position including Carter.

      What we need as president is a true conservative. Would be funny to see leftists really scream then.

    18. CZ says:

      Jimmy Carter ~:>

    19. Echo all criticisms of Carter. We don’t have gas and bread lines. We don’t have a farm crises brought on by restricting exports. We don’t have double digit inflation and the second worse depression of the 20th Century.

      We don’t have the Soviet Union on the march. We don’t hve the killing fields. We don’t have Cuba gaining control of central America.

      Now, in fact, we are grappling with Carter’s worst failure-allowing the birth and encouraging the legitimization of Islamofacsism.

      That’s how you become the most repudiated President in American history.


    20. Tano, nice try but let’s go look at reality shall we? Uncle Ted was the co-sponsor of NCLB and while it’s a mixed bag to be sure, there are things that the teachers do like. So make sure you toss some of that blame to the left as well. It was also an extension of Clinton’s program which escapes me at the moment. You did not mention the incredibly high taxes that we paid at that time or the unemployment rate etc. The only good thing Carter did was Camp David.

      What is the unemployment rate now? What about the stock market? How about jobs created?

    21. NC Cop says:

      Tano, nice try but let’s go look at reality shall we?

      Reality?? From a Bush hater?!?! Good luck.

    22. Baklava, what kills me is that we spend all this money on education and yet teachers still have to spend money out of their own pockets for supplies. Not that they make tons of money to start with either. How many other professions require a BS degree, a semester long intership (ie teach for free for a whole semester), background checks, 3 competency tests, fingerprinting, background and TB test all for a salary of 30k? Why not try slashing some of the administration and pass the savings down to the teachers? But what do I know?

    23. Baklava says:

      More than 50% administrative costs in the Education dollar Vegas Art Guy.

      And so… each state is spending more than 50% of it’s budget on education (more than all other budget items combined…

      And so… to me …each state’s budget could be cut by 15% without affecting the services given to the people. Maybe a few lawyers and administrative staff would feel the pain but more money could go to schools/books/teachers… not lawyers who don’t teach one child.

      Here in CA teachers pay about $60 per month for their union. They could all get a $60 per month increase in salary if the union was abolished.

      $500 a year is a start anyway. And there could be less administrative staff fighting union thugs and the teachers who don’t perform could be weeded out instead of protected by the union…