John Edwards to re-emphasize “Two Americas” theme

Posted by: ST on June 20, 2007 at 10:18 am

Via Mike Allen and Ben Smith at The Politico:

John Edwards, battling signs he may be left behind by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama, is seeking to reinvigorate his candidacy with a new focus on New Hampshire and a renewed emphasis on his populist “two Americas” message, advisers say.

The Edwards advisers say they have concluded that voters may not perceive sharp distinctions within the Democratic field on Iraq — an issue where Edwards was in the vanguard with a starkly anti-war stance that has dominated his campaign’s message.

So Edwards will try to differentiate himself by stressing a message of economic fairness that could appeal to the lower-income and union voters who are essential to his success. The focus is also designed to put him in a strong position with unions as they begin their formal endorsement process in late summer.

In a speech Thursday at New York’s Cooper Union, Edwards plans to talk about “one America of opportunity” and preview an agenda that includes tax policy that rewards work instead of just protecting wealth.

He plans to talk about alleviating middle-class debt by reining in predatory lenders and creating opportunities to lift Americans out of poverty by saving families money on the cost of college, gas and health care.

Only one problem with your “Two Americas” theme, Mr. Edwards …

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2 Responses to “John Edwards to re-emphasize “Two Americas” theme”


  1. benning says:

    It’s the Robin Hood Syndrome, Leftist-style. Steal from the “rich” and give to the “poor”, but only if the poor vote for you. And don’t you dare touch Robin’s millions!

    Edwards – Idiot!

  2. Drewsmom says:

    I’m in the lower middle class, and hey, guess what I’m happy and will pull myself up from the bootstraps and if I want to have more money I’ll figure out a way to get it ow my own, no gov’t handouts for me.
    The loons on the left want the goverment to rock em to sleep, just don’t get it.:-w