Senator David Vitter (R-LA) first ‘big name’ from DC madam’s phone number list

It apparently happened several years ago, he’s apologized to his wife and asked for forgiveness from God, but the beat goes on.

As Brian at Iowa Voice points out, the left is predictably latching on to this news as if it ‘proves’ something about the right and some kind of ‘morals hypocrisy.’ All it proves to me is that we’re all fallible and susceptible to the unseemly trappings that the ‘good life’ entails, and how we must work hard at resist them. It’s easier for some than others.

Contrary to the usual gum-flapping coming from the typical leftiots about how the ‘right’ has no room to talk about morals seeing as some of their own don’t hold up to standards they say others should, here’s a much needed clarification – which I’m sure will be ignored by the willfully ignorant: The right typically preaches about the goodness of leading a moral life – they don’t claim to be immune to the temptations of immorality, just that your life is more fulfilling pesonally, professionally, and spiritually if you don’t succumb to them.

Of course, the left would have any discussions on leading a good, moral life shut down if they could and this is the perfect way they try and do it: by yelling about moralistic conservatives gone bad, because if the left had their way on this, we would all be wallowing in the same moral relativism pit that they do, where there is no right or wrong, no moral or immoral – there just “is” (think Bill Clinton) and our cultural decline would be even worse than it is now.

Sorry, ‘bats. I’ll take a pass on that.

And one other thing, as Brian also notes: Vitter’s name is only the first of many – Republican and Democrat alike – we’ll be hearing about from this infamous list in the weeks/months to come. So don’t get too giddy with excitement, Democrats.

Update I: Just to clarify, none of what I wrote in this post was done in an effort to ‘excuse’ the wrongness of what Vitter has done. I just get irked at the fact that the left thinks things like this are supposed to invalidate the message across the board. It doesn’t. It just means there are hypocrites on both sides of the aisle on the issue of ‘morality’ who should do a lot better job of practicing what they preach. It makes it a lot more difficult to sell the message when the salesman isn’t doing his part, too.

Update II: I see from my Sitemeter this post is getting a lot of attention in, ahem, certain ‘bat caves. Good. Just a reminder to newbies: insulting the host and utilizing extremely vulgar language in an attempt to ‘prove’ your point is a surefire way for your comment to get dumped in the trash heap. If you can’t grow up for a few minutes and behave yourselves, it’s probably a good idea for you to slither back to your little lefty havens where you can whine about how mean ol’ radrighty ST ‘censored’/banned you. :((

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