Chuck Schumer slams troops on the Senate floor

Posted by: ST on September 5, 2007 at 11:24 pm

This is what Democrats call “supporting the troops”?

Here’s the video:

Disgusting. Words simply fail me.

Hat tip to Don Surber, who writes in response:

Schumer heads the Democratic Senate campaign for 2008. Remember when James Clyburn of the South Carolina, the No. 3 Democrat in the House, said that good news from Iraq would be bad news from the Democrats? [Note: Here’s the link to Clyburn’s comments. –ST]

Small wonder Schumer wants to downplay the success of our military in Iraq. For shame.

Yep. As usual, even in wartime, politics rules the day for Democrats. They’d rather be proved right about Iraq and have us lose, than be wrong about Iraq and hope we win. Because victory in Iraq doesn’t just mean victory for America, but also would validate Bush’s decision to go into Iraq in the first place, along with his strategy for succeeding there.

BTW, here are some other instances (scroll) of prominent Democrats showing “support” for our troops.


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17 Responses to “Chuck Schumer slams troops on the Senate floor”


  1. Marshall Art says:

    Nothing Schumer can say can provoke nausea in me more than the idea that people actually vote for him. What an ass!

  2. Baklava says:

    I heard this on Hugh Hewitt’s show and I must tell you – I still am shocked at what Democrats say and do during a time of war. I continue to be shocked. I should learn !!!

    What kind of message is that to our troops. You aren’t a success. You are a failure. Schumer doesn’t deserve to talk about our soldiers and should issue an apology but he won’t.

  3. forest hunter says:

    ….and the quisling Insaneator from whichever embarrassed district he hails from, based his traitorous narrative on what facts…….:-w

  4. Tom TB says:

    Every proud member of the New York State National Guard should get out the vote and cook this creep’s goose come election day.

  5. Drewsmom says:

    How disgusting are the dems, they REFUSE to acknowkledge the surge is working and indeed pray they can turn this into another Nam. God help us all if they get in office, even Germany getting the bad guys over there don’t faze em — AMAZING. !!!!:-w

  6. PCD says:

    Chuck Schumer ought to be taken to Iraq, left outside the Green Zone by himself, and allowed to demonstrate how surrendering and Cutting & Running will be successful in Iraq. Funeral Services will be held as soon as Schumer’s head and body are located and reunited.

  7. TedintheShed says:


    Well, now you Republicans know the Democrat’s strategy for the respomse to Petraeus’ report.

  8. benning says:

    Hypocrisy in action on the Senate floor! Chucky Schumer: Statesman Wannabe. What a Chucklehead.:-w

  9. Steve Skubinna says:

    Okay, and we are all surprised why? Seriously, I am indifferent to this sort of thing by now. The Democratic leadership being themselves. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

  10. TedintheShed says:


    I competely disagree as far as “Nothing to see here folks…”. It is this style attack as to why the Democrats have out maneuvered the Republicans and thus the reason why the war has lost popular support.

  11. Lorica says:

    Didn’t Bush just meet with these same warlords on Monday?? Seems to me if Schumer had a clue, he would have checked himself. The violence in Anbar went down despite people like Schumer. These warlords realized that THE American Soldier were the ones sacraficing and dying for the Iraqi people. These warlords are not men of convenience, like Schumer is. Nomadic people are not stupid people, they have a hell of alot more common sense than people like Schumer. I would love it if Veterens from all over came and started to protest this traitor. It is time for attitudes like Schumers to be squashed. I am so tired of the democratic mantra of what’s bad for the war on terror is good for us. – Lorica

  12. NC Cop says:

    Schumer’s an idiot. Apparently he didn’t read the stories about the Iraqis fighting ALONGSIDE U.S. troops. The man has no shame, but what else is new.

    So let me see if I’m clear chuck, when Iraqis don’t fight Al Qaeda they don’t want democracy and don’t care about their country. When they DO stand up and fight, it’s just because the warlords have taken over. So what exactly would Schumer’s definition of victory in Iraq be????

    Please Chuck, try thinking before you speak, PLEASE!!!

  13. G-Monster says:

    “The most dangerous place in Washington is between Chuck Schumer and a camera.”

    Bob Dole

  14. G-Monster says:

    “Sharing a media market with Chuck Schumer is like sharing a banana with a monkey, Take a little bite of it, and he will throw his own feces at you.”

    Sen. Jon Corzine, a New Jersey Democrat

  15. Drewsmom says:

    Thanks, PCD, 3 6 comment, I laughed till I cried and I hope they never find his damn head.:d