Chuck Schumer slams troops on the Senate floor

This is what Democrats call “supporting the troops”?

Here’s the video:

Disgusting. Words simply fail me.

Hat tip to Don Surber, who writes in response:

Schumer heads the Democratic Senate campaign for 2008. Remember when James Clyburn of the South Carolina, the No. 3 Democrat in the House, said that good news from Iraq would be bad news from the Democrats? [Note: Here’s the link to Clyburn’s comments. –ST]

Small wonder Schumer wants to downplay the success of our military in Iraq. For shame.

Yep. As usual, even in wartime, politics rules the day for Democrats. They’d rather be proved right about Iraq and have us lose, than be wrong about Iraq and hope we win. Because victory in Iraq doesn’t just mean victory for America, but also would validate Bush’s decision to go into Iraq in the first place, along with his strategy for succeeding there.

BTW, here are some other instances (scroll) of prominent Democrats showing “support” for our troops.


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