Soros-funded Media Matters, other far lefties, caught in another whopper

Brian Faughnan at the Weekly Standard blog has a post up today on how the far left has been foaming at the mouth, demanding denunciations from Republicans and apologies from Rush Limbaugh himself after comments he made on his program earlier this week that to them suggested that he thought that troops who had served in Iraq who were critical of the Iraq war were “phony soldiers.”

Of course, as you’ll see from looking at the transcript, the remarks were taken out of context, and the “phony soldiers” he was talking about were phony “soldiers” like Jesse MacBeth, who recently admitted in federal court he lied about being an Iraq war veteran, this a little over a year after being caught by conservative bloggers who questioned his claims about supposedly being an Iraq war veteran who was supposedly “forced to commit attrocities” against the Iraqi people.

Faughnan writes:

Limbaugh’s offhand comment was poorly chosen. It’s clear that there are ‘real soldiers’–real by anyone’s criteria–who oppose the war in Iraq and they’re entitled to their views. But much like the recently manufactured controversies over Bill O’Reilly’s comments, and President Bush’s comment about Saddam having killed “all the Mandelas,” [Note: For background on that, go here. –ST] the left is trying to pull a fast-one by taking Rush’s statement out of context.

It’s also clear and undeniable that the political left has eagerly stood behind fakers who spout tales about Iraq that are at times false, or ridiculous, or both. From Jesse MacBeth to Scott Thomas Beauchamp, liberals and anti-war moonbats have suspended logic and reason to embrace people because they liked what they had to say, regardless of whether the tales made sense, or their credentials were as they claimed.

And why do they do this? We know.

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