Don Imus has five year deal with WABC-AM, is back on the airwaves

I was never a big fan of Don Imus, but I’m glad to see he’s back on the airwaves today after all the BS he had to endure from the likes of race hustler Al Sharpton (who has his own radio show) among other hypocritical racists, after the Rutgers womens basketball team controversy in which Imus called the team “nappy-headed hos,” a comment that eventually led to him being fired from his MSNBC/CBS TV/radio gig.

For good measure, two new people added to the Imus show are black, both comedians, and both are pledging to engage in dialogue about “race relations” in America.

FishbowlDC liveblogged the first hour and a half or so of Imus’ first day back behind the mike.

Guests on today’s show included two candidates for president: Senators John McCain and Chris Dodd (h/t: Lawhawk).

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